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1986 Vauxhall Carlton CDi, MOT PASSED!!!!!!!


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1 hour ago, somewhatfoolish said:

What's the injection system on these? If it's 80s Bosch @juular seems to understand what's what.

I think it’s jetronic. There’s no 5th injector, so I recon it’ll be the ICV. That’s the first thing that needs soaking in oil. 

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Beginning to get pissed off now. 

I put a request out for one of these speedo drive gears on manta forum, due to oil leak from it. One parts supplier said he could get one, new, and it’s currently on its way to me. He was very kind to send me a picture of it! 

This is what I thought I was getting. 



this is what’s being sent




and this is what I ACTUALLY need. As the little seal is leaking. 



Not going to be getting that anytime soon. 


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46 minutes ago, JMotor said:

That sucks!

Dunno if it's any help, but....


Probably already have used them with owning a Manta.

I personally find the site dangerous. Because they had a few Astra F parts I've needed. Already eyed up a Nova front panel AND an injection tank on there. 

It all depends on the postage. Edelschmiede have the seal kit for €6.99 plus €24 postage 😝


I need to strip the original down, to see if the seal is easy to remove and reinstall. 

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25 minutes ago, sutty2006 said:

Edelschmiede have the seal kit for €6.99 plus €24 postage 😝

Fine then!! 😝🤣

Yeah, heck a load cheaper. So yeah, no point in paying extra.

I need to have a look see at that site (ahhh it's for Oldtimer Opels, fudge!). After a print circuit for some SR six dials I've picked up. Sheesh! Since when was GM stuff up in price!? Be near Ford money now 🤣.

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I'll take this opportunity to briefly hijack this thread and post a picture of my parent's old navy blue Carlton CDi auto. D registration, so like @sutty2006 's  it was one of the last of these boxy Carltons to roll of the Opel Russelheim (spl??) factory floor before the new Omega A based model. I got to drive it a few times when I passed my driving test. B) Not the nicest looking Carlton at the time but I loved that car.

1986 Vauxhall Carlton 2200i CD


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A small job ticked off the box today. The bonnet stay bracket has broken.


The part number is no longer valid and no replacement can be found. So I hunted for similar Vauxhall fitments. Vauxhall mariva fitted with a black unit. So I ordered one off eBay. Different part number. 



holes are slightly smaller, so out came the hole enlarger 5000…. 



and bingo, it fits. Refitted with an original plastic peg one side, self tapping screw in the other. And it works a treat. 

I’ve ordered ANOTHER speedo drive this time from Germany, about €41. Once that’s fitted, I’ll bleed and adjust the rear brakes then it’s time for an MOT. 


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Today I’ve taken the ICV off. 

when I start the car, it immediately revs up to 3500rpm. I can blip the throttle, which reduces the rpm briefly but then rises back to 3500. After 5 mins of throttle blipping and arsing about it settles to idle and is good till cold again. 



inside there is a door flap that rotates to allow more or less airflow. This flap is loose, and I can move it with a screw driver. 







so I’m not too sure if that’s supposed to happen or not. Need to look it up. 


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  • sutty2006 changed the title to 1986 Vauxhall Carlton CDi, ICV woes.

Today I’ve tested the ICV. First up, resistance tests. 

Someone from the manta club tested theirs and I followed to get similar figures. 







I then stole the batteries out of the TV remote in the drivers waiting room and put them together to get 3 volts. No pictures I’m afraid, it was a 2 man, 4 hand job…… but it opens and closes as it should. 

Once I returned home, I refitted the valve and found a coolant temp sensor on the thermostat housing unplugged. Thought I’d nailed it, but nope. Jump started the old girl and she rose to 3500 rpm. 

now, if I squeeze the pipe going into the ICV, the revs come back down. Could this still be a faulty ICV? 

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Is there an idle switch on the throttle body? I was eyeballing the ICV on my Audi 100 when the revs were running away (it looks and operates in a similar way to yours from memory) but the best result I had (it has other problems that prevent it idling) was when I removed the plug to the micro switches on the throttle body and shorted the pins for the idle switch which then gave me the fast idle speed I was expecting. I couldn’t see in situ but the the arm on the end of the throttle spindle wasn’t compressing the microswitch when the throttle was closed.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Some progress made this morning. I have put a restriction in the inlet pipe to the ICV. Cost of said temporary fix? 





3mm hole drilled through it. and inserted into the pipe. Nice an snug.


refitted to the car, first cold start and the idle is a little low. (But no longer 3500….



(Lighting box light on because I hadn’t woke the charger whirler up yet), but that was about 550rpm. Too low. 

so out came the coin, and a 5mm hole drilled through. (I can’t find a 4mm bit, but I’ve plenty of 1p’s to go at)



and I slightly higher idle of 900. I’m happy with that for now. It runs and drives again. 



now to replace the speedo drive. 

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So with those jobs ticked off, it’s time to start getting it ready for an MOT. I checked the lights a couple of weeks ago and weird things were happening. The pencil beams lights (you’ll never have heard of those before) were on with the headlights, but there’s no switch for them…  

so I cleaned the main battery earth up which has some other earths going to it, and that brought them down to a dull dim. 



so I pulled the relay, which didn’t work, and then pulled the fuse, which also didn’t work…. Standing there stunned, and confused, I remembered there were a pair of headlips in the boot. I set to and replaced them, cleaning contacts as I went, and hey presto! Everything works again. But one problem, the pencil beam lights were on and bright, so I’ve pulled the fuse to shut them down. 



all is now good! 


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  • sutty2006 changed the title to 1986 Vauxhall Carlton CDi, prepping for MOT.
3 hours ago, JMotor said:


Seen on FB there is a fella bringing a 380i across from SA to the UK soon.

Highly prized cars in homeland. 

Delta made some really cool cars and with some interesting specifications. Even my humdrum Astra 160iE is fitted with stuff you would never had got in a European car.  

I hope he’s puts it up for sale cuz I’ll sell a testicle to buy it. 

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On 2/8/2023 at 8:40 AM, Ian_Fearn said:



Or maybe one from Korea. No, your eyes don't deceive you.



Maybe the 1500 version may be a little pedestrian. Bear in mind the tie up between GM and Daewoo (an early UK Daewoo was originally a Mk2 Astra) going back many years.

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While demolition work starts at home, the Carlton seeks refuge in a garage round the corner. That’s the furthest I’ve driven it so far, about 200 yards. May need to replace the tyres despite being new in 2008 and still has the nobbles and tyre slip on them….. they might be 50p shaped. Only a true drive at speed will confirm. 


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  • sutty2006 changed the title to 1986 Vauxhall Carlton CDi, MOT PASSED!!!!!!!

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