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Jack Thrust's faded Eunos adventures, laquer peel = weight saving


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On 2/11/2023 at 9:05 PM, PSAPerv said:

Did you figure out the Bluetooth on the radio before you left? 😂

Alas no! I've got an ieGeek stereo in my Eunos but I couldn't remember how to do it 🤣 I was planning on leafing through the manual when I made a rest stop but I was making such good time I just carried on until I got home!

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Shitty weather has meant not much fettling has happened lately but I've had a free day with some decent weather so managed to get a few things sorted today.

First up, the 205. Nelson the cat has taken a shine to it.


I spotted this "Fischer Box" for sale on facebook and had to have it. It turned up last week and got it fitted today.



Looks pretty natty I think! 

Fished the Eunos out of the garage with the intention of finishing fitting the roof.



All done! It's filthy I know but it way better than what was on there before 🤣 it's waterproof too, tested it with the pressure washer :)

And finally had a mini photoshoot before putting the Eunos away again.




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