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Grand day out…


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And the answer is…


Spent far too long in the 90s in Leeds. Nothing round here of interest to me these days so time for train number two.

No pics as it’s exactly the same as train one apart from being even busier, with a delightfully gentle smell of urine emanating from the toilet behind my luxury* seat.

Hopefully, today’s excursion will be completed in slightly more luxurious surroundings.

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3 hours ago, Dan29 said:


And we have a winner. Posh 4wd Toyota with bouncy suspension (for the moment). Nothing like as bad as it could be on the motorway but a bit ,ahem, firm on the side roads.

Just walked in so pics to follow but am absolutely over the moon with it…cheers, @Neil clark! Everything works perfectly (apart from the suspension, obviously, but I really don’t think that’s anything too serious as when we left the services on the way home, it worked perfectly for 30 seconds until all the air leaked out again) and it managed 32mpg with the cruise set to 70mph and the ice cold air con on (doesn’t even need a regas, m8)

Mind you, it’s a top of the range, fully laden Lexus with 94k miles on the clock so barely a surprise, really. 

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Couple of quick pics from when I went for the chinese a bit back…


Xenon lights…


Full working navigation etc


And remote powered tailgate. Trust me, that works too 😂


Did I mention I really like this old thing?

By the way, I’ve sorted the suspension. Found a small pinhole on the offside front airbag…just need to source a replacement now but the crispy shredded beef is the priority at the moment…

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