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Who should get the chop? It's.... the P38!

N Dentressangle

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49 minutes ago, NorfolkNWeigh said:

Keep the Disco.

My mental Dad has just spent the best part of €5, 000 having his 300 Tdi Discovery welded and made roadworthy after 3 years sitting in his garden in France Luckily the 2008 Defender he bought to replace it seems to have increased in value by twice that in the time it’s taken him to realise what me and my brothers told him when he bought it- They’re horrible unless you have real reason to own one, Discovery’s are nice to drive because of the Maestro and Metro bits. He’s got his Series 1 if he wants discomfort and punishment, at least that’s got character.

Saying that , I’m supposed to be finding. A non- money pit Disco3 for MrsN and keep noticing some very nice looking P38’s…

I couldn't find any arguments for Defenders either. The Series has way more character and the Defender is still too uncomfortable and shit to use as any kind of car. There's a reason why some folks call the Disco 1 the 'thinking man's Defender'

So, this 'nice looking P38' you're after... 😉

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Well, this question decided itself.

P38 shat its head gasket in Weston super Mare a couple of weeks ago, following its first good motorway run. As any fule knos, you might get away with a £300 + loadsoftimeandswearing cost to replace the HG, or you might find a liner has slipped, the block is scrap, and there's now a P38 shaped folly blocking your garage.

I paid £800 for the car, breaker offered me £700 = no brainer. £100 for 4 months of V8 fun: what's not to like?

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