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I've done a silly......CITROEN XM


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1 hour ago, Supernaut said:

I'm guessing some sort of hydropneumatic Citroen.

Most other cars can simply be pushed if they aren't running.

hey it could be a Lorry or bus with air brakes LOL

if you cant start it and build air pressure then your going nowhere! (unless you slacken off the shoes with the adjuster)

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i bought it as i wanted to learn to work on cars, and i mean properly not just an oil change or change a sensor
this will be the perfect* car to learn on i'm sure
it's a car known for being a liability, one that has lots of exciting things to go wrong
Got to be a luxobarge esque thing then. 1993... the XM is my favourite of my guesses so far. Could potentially be a porsche 928 but that's much faster than an elan. I better not be disappointed when it turns up and its like a ford escort or something
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7 minutes ago, Missy Charm said:

Jaguar XJ40 Sovereign thingy?  Pretend to be a pub landlord by putting an NI plate on, parking it next to a pile of picnic tables and never touching it again.  

Not forgetting the Rottweiler on the flat roof !!! 

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  • maxxo changed the title to I've done a silly......CITROEN XM

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