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Hill Climbing Clio - MOT'D! 09/05/24


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Went up to Clio Stu's last night to get the door handles and oil sensor issues fixed.

Driver's door handle needed a new clip and new rod that actuates the lock - both were plenty rusty. That didn't take long.

The passenger side required similar,  but whilst riveting the clip on, the handle snapped.

New handle/rod/clip then.

You can see the clip arrangement here..




New (clip came off this handle and was fitted to mine)


You can see they are a pretty flimsy design..


Onto the oil light issue then. A decision was taken to replace both the oil level and oil pressure sensors. A relatively straightforward job.

The oil/stop light has yet to re-materialise, so fingers crossed.


I then hung about and helped remove an engine 



About 10.50pm, I decided to head home.

a new record for the Clio reset button. (As operated by @Jim Bell )

Drove 3 mins to the bottom of his road, and the clamp for the cat converter failed, so exhaust was completely separated.


Had to go back, put it on the ramp and replace the clamp.



And so it goes!

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Busy old weekend for this..

On Saturday it had a good 320 mile round trip up north. Claimed 40.2mpg. @Tickman joined me for the jaunt and a most pleasant trip was had.


Then on Sunday, I was off to Forrestburn for another shot of slinging it up the hill.

It wasn't super busy so I managed to blag a fair few runs, and get plenty of helpful advice off some veterans.

Smol french cars flock together


That 106 sounded fucking GLORIOUS.

So do birds of a feather


The blue one has a bazillion upgrades, sounds ace and upheld the theory that the more Clios there are the lower the reliability percentage would be.😁

It was driven in, parked up for 30 mins and then wouldn't start sue to a flat battery🤣

My GPS recorder was not working consistently, but I did manage to update the track map to have more checkpoints, so it was a bit more accurate.


Despite not recording properly all the time, I managed a  57.54 second run.Screenshot_20230821-193452.thumb.png.d7ea394a40ddd76428b0d8077baf4cf3.png

The 1.33 was the sighting lap ( slow, steady and sensible)

The 1.41 was me giving the blue Clio owner a lift to the hairpin marshal station to take his turn.


All in all, almost 400miles covered at almost 37.1mpg indicated.IMG_20230820_151747078.thumb.jpg.23b9664b9e39447501f946079862adb0.jpgIMG_20230820_151804471.thumb.jpg.866435bca55506293911b9aab6d6101d.jpg

I used just over a full 10gallon tank (I lobbed 10L on the way to the hill to avoid running out)




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  • 2 weeks later...

After the fun of blasting up the hill, I decided to treat this to an oil change @185026 miles.


One of these filters is for a slow revving 2.0 2v/cyl lump making 129bhp. The other is for a high revving 2.0 4v/cyl engine making 182bhp.

Can you guess which is which? That's right. The tiny one is for the Clio. It's the same filter and location as on @loserone' 1.6 diesel express. #HERITAGE

As I am always super organised, I managed to cobble together 3.5L of 5w30 and 1L of 5w40.

Either way it sounds happier and the dephaser is a bit quieter..


Later on in the week or got to pretend to be a Kangoo - 2.4m of wood in the car, and the boot shuts. Practical lil fuckers.


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  • 320touring changed the title to Hill Climbing Clio - Maintenance, not repair! 03/9/23
  • 1 month later...

Great * News!

Got in the Clio for the first time driving it since coming back from New Zealand. The Burd had used it last week, no issues.

Lumpy start from cold ( it does that). 300m down the road, flashing EML.

Cyl 3 misfire.

Went home and got another car.

Clios, gotta love them


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  • 320touring changed the title to Hill Climbing Clio - It's ALWAYS something! 18/10/23
  • 2 months later...

Been in the huff with this for a while😂

I resolved to get it sorted during the Xmas break, so duly ordered up 4 injectors.

It takes about 10mins to pull the injectors out and get the new ones swapped on. Mainly due to the large volume of practice I have had..

Old ones out


New ones in


The next thing on the list was freeing off the rear brakes as they had stuck on after sitting for 2 months.


The mud provided little resistance, so I forced the car out onto the tarmac and rolled it back and forth. 

Took it out a test drive. Only things left to fix for an MOT are

Back brakes - free off fully and get handbrake working.

Headlights - need polishing

SERV/ABS/TC light on the dash - likely the steering angle sensor.

Plus, obviously, whatever Clio Stu finds...😂

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  • 320touring changed the title to Hill Climbing Clio - The Man from the Ministry.... 04/02/24

Took this for an MOT on Wed last week.



Bastard, especially as I've done the rear brakes - looks like the pivot at the handbrake lever is the issue.


Got it to the unit today, and had a quick look

Exhaust "leak"


The pipe out the cat has rusted through - fitting a new cat would resolve, except...


The downpipe to cat joint looks ropey too. This uses flanges, so would need to fit a new one to the downpipe,as there is NO WAY I'm attempting to pull the downpipe off!

Additionally, the cat would need the Lambda removed, so I would expect that to be ruined and need a new one.

The sill doesn't look the worst for welding


No doubt that will develop into a bigger job!

Lastly, some good news:

The caliper retaining bolts and the Flexi all loosened off no bother.


I'm away to price up bits..


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  • 4 weeks later...

back on this today after procurement of new bits.


First up, a new caliper and pads (and caliper carrier bracket) for the front left.


All good!


Time for the new Car and Lambda sensor ..

@jaypee modelling what £170 buys you



And fitted




Brilliant, great stuff. That's the Cat and front brake sorted.  Clio Stu has done the steering angle sensor and the rear brakes. Only welding to go...

Think I'll fire it up and see how it sounds/check for any blows...





Ok, time to fire up the scanner.  And do some test driving.

On start the lights stayed off, but came on when braking.

Code reading pointed to a brake light switch issue.

Removed the switch and exercised it - got brake lights and the dash lights stayed off. Result.

New brake light switch has been ordered.


With the rear brakes having been rebuilt I was hoping some adjustment/checking the pivot that the cables go into would get me a functional handbrake...



As you can see, it went well*

The cable is siezed - so the inner cable doesn't return fully. This meant that :

1. The handbrake lever on the caliper was not actuating correctly - so the handbrake was shite.

2. The cable stopped the lever returning correctly. Hence the caliper would stay partially on.


time to get the cable out.


We really* enjoyed that! A new one will be ordered.

Last thing to look at was the welding needed on the driver's side rear.


After an initial prod with a screwdriver..



That's a distinct lack of inner and mid sill.

Handily* next to the axle mount and the plastic fuel tank.


We packed up and went home.

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  • 320touring changed the title to Hill Climbing Clio - MOT'D! 09/05/24

Well, all my holidays were complete, so I fired this up for the trip to Stu's for an MOT..


Started right up and proceeded to greet me with:



Time to scan


It had a replacement steering angle sensor 100 miles ago..


-3280degrees. Surprised the bonnet hasn't hit the boot!

Anyway, a bit of high idle charging and a code reset put out everything bar the Right rear ABS sensor.

I drove to Stu's and got some impressive claimed MPG over the 50 miles



I also got to see his sunflower ph1 that has just been restored 


It assumed the position 



After testing, the sensor, it was determined to be guff.


No new sensors were in stock, so the decision was taken to fit a replacement hub and sensor.


All this fell off😜



The end result?




Now to decide what to do with it...

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9 minutes ago, loserone said:

Drive it to Twixfest to back-to-back with a Zoë, an express, a Renault 19, a Mégane F7R and a MK1 twingo?

No chance. Still at Stu's and I've had enough of the Lochgelly train for life

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