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A Future For Handsome? Fighting me all the way...


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This is what the M6 looked like...


Funny how, when I see something old on the motorway, it's usually a 205.

Huggy's interior looked like this...


Provisions on the seat, documents and coat on the floor.  And pretty much the same layout on the Jag on the way back.


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Well done Eddy, for keeping Huggy alive and in the public eye for so long. And passing him on to a new owner as a living, working thing. So sad to see old cars left to die, the owners convinced they're worth a lot of money and they'll get round to doing them up one day. The Jaguar looks  a lovely thing. Forgive my ignorance, but is it one of the aluminium bodied ones? 

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Exactly Ken!  The Jag does feel very much like a car I should be driving.  So does Huggy, but in different ways.  Next month I would have had him six years, which is longer than I've had any other car.  I can't see reaching the same point with the Jag, but who knows?  It is lovely.

It was a delight to finally meet HMC too, he seems like the right man for the next stage in Huggy's life.

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15 hours ago, Pieman said:

Oh my goodness, Eddy's finally got rid of Huggy - I think you've been trying to move him on since I joined the forum!

Good luck with the Jag.


Huggy broke down on a long trip four years ago, I got my orders back then, he had to go.  I've deliberately not put a great deal of effort into moving him on; posting him on other people's threads became a running joke.  I love/d having a Cadillac!  I didn't seriously expect HMC to take the bait, even though he's done Detroit before, but fortunately the car he was offering was appropriate as a replacement.  So when he messaged me, I thought I'd better stand by my offer.  So yesterday was the culmination of that process.

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  • eddyramrod changed the title to Goodbye Huggy, hello Handsome

Yesterday I had a blast round some local village roads that don't even qualify for a B number.  Suspension: a bit on the firm side, but totally unflappable.  Power: more than adequate ;)  I'm still feeling the loss of Huggy but the more I drive this, the more I warm to it.

And it plays cassettes!  I've resurrected the boxes of them that were in my lockup, along with a load of CDs because it has a changer in the trunk.  I need to load that up, because I got a new Puppini Sisters CD for my birthday and haven't played it yet.

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  • eddyramrod changed the title to A Future For Handsome? Fighting me all the way...

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