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European Road Trips - Travels with Montaigne


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Wow Eurostar is not much fun.

Two lots of automatic passport gates (French and UK - ticket barrier and fairly aggressive security frisking  and customs (he even looked in my wallet) and massive queues.

My biometric passport never works either.

Pretty miserable for the staff and pretty miserable for the passengers.  I'll avoid again I think. I did look at flying which is actually cheaper - but that's hassle too. Whatever the price of fuel it still remains the most attractive to drive - of course you need a vehicle that actually works...

Though note to self - I think my problems at security may have arisen from wearing a camouflage cap and looking pretty unshaven - a month on the road has left me looking swarthy and shifty...I will tone down next time I cross an international border. 

But what looks like an attractive Eurostar journey time of two hours is really three+ with all the loading fandango - and getting into Paris. Dover-Calais in a car will remain my favourite.



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On 6/19/2022 at 6:48 PM, lesapandre said:

Railway strike? - there has not been a train along here in a long while too.

Disused station  on former line from  Alençon to Condé sur Huisne via Mortagne au Perche. The line is now a 64km 'voie  verte' walking, cycle and horseriding path.



Was that metre gauge? Last time I drove around Normandy there were disused narrow gauge railways in some of the towns that hadn't been used for many years, but were still just sitting there.

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When you get your car back  and if you head for Spain there are a few of us in the country to be able to help you out.

For those that are thinking about France as a vacation then this website maybe of help when look for fuel prices.

https://www.prix-carburants.gouv.fr/  I would concur that E.Leclerc sold the cheapest fuel.

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  • lesapandre changed the title to European Road Trips - Travels with Montaigne

For those who followed my June travels with the burgundy 124 - I can announce stage two of our roaming as the village garage have now completed the fueling repairs.


Fuel pump, filter and extensive fuel pipe replacement have got it back on the road for under £500 including labour - so I'm looking forward to picking it up and taking it for a spin - things should have improved somewhat. 

So how to get there - La France Profonde? Well my new French fancy - which I will unveil sometime, has just disgraced itself badly at the MoT station - but at least I will be in France to collect  all the parts - so that is now out...so what now? I'm sure Montaigne will have the answer...

"Travelling through the world produces a marvelous clarity in the judgment of men. We are all of us confined and enclosed within ourselves, and see no farther than the end of our nose. This great world is a mirror where we must see ourselves in order to know ourselves."

Hmmmm...I don't expect he ever collected a broken-down car

To be continued...



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