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European Road Trips - Burgundy To the End of The World


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It's  squirting out when the fuel pump fires. As usual lots of advice on the web. I'll need to get it on ramps and have a good look. So that's it for this car for a bit. My hunch is a union has failed - but who knows.


I could have it recovered and looked at by a local garage (it's too dangerous to drive though it runs fine) but it will be €€€'s. So no I will come back for it with some kit after doing more research.

New one on me - never had a fuel line leak on anything - but the car is 32.

I thought I could smell ️ over a few days.

Should have bought the XM 😄


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My attempt to buy a 2nd hand car at the local garage came to nothing - all the cheap cars had gone - was a nice AX I fancied.

Something will turn up - or I will have to get the train home - if there are any.

Better the 124 breaks down here than in Lithuania or in Spain - both of which were (are)  on the agenda. 

It's pretty minor but fiddley - struck me it might be rodent damage.

The philosopher Montaigne says we have a better time when things go wrong not right - at least some of the time...



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15 minutes ago, lesapandre said:

I have French 0-Level Grade C - could do better...

Soz,  I wasn't having a go,  I got to A level and learnt nothing, then spoke it a bit in real life and learnt a lot, so stuff like that sort of jumps out.   Of course it's far better to speak bad French than expect them to speak English - why should they?    I hope you can get the motor sorted without too much bother.


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Au garage...they are going to look at it...nice man. This is nothing I can tackle at the roadside - the undertray needs detaching etc.


No offence taken - I sometimes mangle my French...

In the meantime I put the car in a ditch - they have deep 'fosses' each side of the lanes and getting by passing cars can be dicey.

Still some good ol boys pulled me out with a tractor.






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Well it's the fuel pump. The Benz  stood for a decade and I only use it a few times a year - so the poor old fuel pump has had enough.

Expensive but better it packs up in a nice French village than out on the Autoroute or a Spanish mountain or on the Baltic coast somewhere.

Probably a week or 2 to get it fixed by the time the parts have come.

Nice plaque at the garage - they are Citroen dealership.


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