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European Road Trips - Back to UK.


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3 hours ago, motorpunk said:

Nipped into Italy. Loads of old Pandas, like these 4x4s, Piaggio Apes and I love the Rozzers Giulia.





Not so many Porters now? They were everywhere, when we last went.

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Regards electric cars in France, I have done south west a good few times by the means of electricity only, and there has been plenty of chargers. Never had a trouble even in mega rural areas.


There is no way near as many on the roads, Paris excluded. Not sure they have the crazy company car tax benefits we do regards going electric. 

I also did a Northern European trip recently in a modern. 



will spam some pics below.

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Americana - I would not fancy the fuel bill. SP98 now about 2.20€pl here  -  fuel cost has made the roads much quieter than I remember from previous trips. Life out here in the countryside is all car-based - no public transport to speak of - so costs must be really impacting locals.

Very few UK number plates about as well.





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