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European Road Trips - Back to UK.


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All 2CV I have seen are in super condition. This one seen parked on the street looked as new. An early one.

Lots of old cars about - I even saw a Citroen SM in a country lane and a Renault 17 2-dr coming out of a driveway.

Some Rovers still on the road - a very nice 75 spotted - and a Rover 218 turbo-diesel that the owner was very keen on. 


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On 6/3/2022 at 4:02 PM, lesapandre said:

At the pumps. I just put 90€ in.



Ah finalment un ZX!! 

I’ve done a few French roadtrips. The most notable one was back in 2013 in a choddy ‘03 plate Renault Scènic 1.6 Fidji that we’d owned since new. 

Glasgow to Dover then first thing in the morning off via DFDS to Dunkerque then a rather long drive to Normandy. A few days there sightseeing there then off to Messanges in Gascony. Because we so close to the Spanish border a trip to Bilbao was orchestrated. 

Then onto Berny-Rivière for the remaining few days where I refused to drive for two days after experiencing the Boulevard Peripherique. 

Another few terrific days spent in the Somme it was off to Bruges via Reims and Lille. 

Bruges - f*#k!!! There’s bikes EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

Great beer and chips.

Then back to Dunkerque and after the short ferry crossing to Dover it was straight back to Glasgow. 

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ZX getting thin on the ground here - quite a few C5's.

Twingo (all types), Clio (all types) survive well - quite a few Citroen AX - older Peugeots (2000 on) survive well. 

Old vans mostly gone - through quite a few older Transits about in 'cherished' condition and the odd old Trafic or Master.

Predominant  new vehicle is the Dacia.

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