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Peugeot 405 Mi16 LHD Phase 1

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21 hours ago, carlo said:

Lovely, that's Ming Blue which was available in the UK.  Probably the best colour for them mind.

It's the same color as my two Audis then!🤔

What's the story behind this one?

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Distress sale for someone who had to give up their storage due to rising household costs. The car was originally sold new in Germany in 1991, spent at least ten years there then latterly seems to have been in Serbia until import in 2020.

It’s an interesting spec. Colour I don’t believe was available on the Mi16 in this country (is that correct @carlo?), no ABS (the Bendix ABS is reckoned to be troublesome anyway), heated front seats and plastic steering wheel (I’ve seen a few European market Mi16 with these).

I’ve not yet had time to get a proper look. Will check the timing belt. If OK (suspect it’s been replaced within last two or three years) I’ll stick a battery in and get it inside on a lift.

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