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Ebay Tat Volume 2 - Sadly deceased.


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Beleive it or not this car is a 2005 Mitsubishi 4x4 with a quiet 2.8 diesel engine (amazing drive in snow and ice) she looks identical to a 1964 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 3 and is an ultimate Every day useable classy classic car. will never date and will never go down in value. She started life as a Mitsubishi L200 2005


http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ROLLS-ROYCE-CLOUD ... 39&afsrc=1



Well bugger me with a fish fork!

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Check out this shameless old crate:






http://www.polovniautomobili.com/oglas8 ... _2141-s/#0




I love you, yes I do, want to spend €250 on you.


http://www.polovniautomobili.com/oglas9 ... el_kadett/




Come on snow - is this enough Wartburg for ya? €250.


http://www.polovniautomobili.com/oglas9 ... tburg_353/




One day all cars will be sold this way. €230.


http://www.polovniautomobili.com/oglas1 ... reciklazu/




Oh, rather! €250.


http://www.polovniautomobili.com/oglas9 ... roen_gs/#1




€318. Hey - is that price supposed to be some kind a joke? WHAT DO YOU MEAN, FUNNY? FUNNY HOW? HOW AM I FUNNY?


http://www.polovniautomobili.com/oglas9 ... model_e30/




Live that dream, farm-man! €340.


http://www.polovniautomobili.com/oglas9 ... _taunus/#5




What's this bloke been putting on that roof rack? I hope he's like a feather salesman or a lilo repair-man or something. €350 and only 36k.


http://www.polovniautomobili.com/oglas9 ... t_126_p/#1




Bust my balls and bust them good - varnished wobfest aside, what a cracker this looks for €350! Only 66k and all.


http://www.polovniautomobili.com/oglas9 ... t_127_jjj/




Whole buncha Thema turbo right there. €350.


http://www.polovniautomobili.com/oglas9 ... ieturbo/#0

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ferrari hat and steering wheel, nice touch!





Hello my name is Paul and I am selling my KARMA kit car. I acquired it in 2004 and spent 5 years restoring it to M.O.T. standard.


The car has no M.O.T. and should be trailered away.


The engineering certainly seems to be up to ferrari standards, its got a 2.3V6 (fords best ever engine?) mated to a VW beetle gearbox.



That looks like a recipe for 100,000 mile reliability :roll:

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