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Sunday Collection Action


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10 minutes ago, grogee said:

Is it going to be German? Safe travels up north, it's wild country up there. 

It is indeed.

In fact, a lot of this journey might appear like a deja Vu to some.

York achieved. Still further to go.

Edit: the train is completely packed now. I have to switch trains in Doncaster from where I couldn't even book a seat. Gotta love public transport.


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29 minutes ago, HMC said:

Passat w8

Would be an interesting choice. Would prefer a V8 Phaeton over the W8 Passat though, not much more troublesome and worlds apart in refinement. They also used to build them about 30mins from my hometown.

Just arrived in Grantham. As you can tell, we are approaching the deep south. Slowly getting hungry now, too.

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38 minutes ago, aotb said:

It wasn’t stolen then…


This is still not clarified, the seller says that he might not be around and his dad will sell the car now if he can't make it.

With that being said, we made it to that there London!

We all know what that means... ULEZ refugee!


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43 minutes ago, Schaefft said:

So, just arrived. Turns out the cats are missing, they welded in two pipes instead. Got it for 700 less than advertised, let's see if I made a mistake.

2 previous owners, couple of things that need doing but the wheels alone are 300. Not sure why I do this.😂

Look at the picture of it above. That's why you do it. Fit as fuck 👏

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