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Car from the past #4: '88 Saab 9000i 


In the winter of 2002 and 2003, this was our daily car. I'd always wanted a 9000 because they seemed to be so sensible, sturdy and safe. This wasn't . Yes, it had done 200,000 miles, but it is one of the bottom two cars I've had in terms of reliability. Everything broke. Electric window motors, drive shafts, air con pump seizure resulting in snapped drive belt. The central locking system used to play up, and EML would light up at 3,200 rpm, and it was quite thirsty. The worst problem was that all lights could go out at any time. This is quite scary when you're driving along in the countryside in the winter in Sweden.

It felt like every single drive in this car resulted in another problem to solve, so it had to go, despite the fact that I had sourced rust free doors for it. In all, I do like the 9000 as a model. It feels amazingly modern to drive considering its age, but I do not at all miss this particular one. I sold it to a creepy guy who showed up at the railway station in Uppsala to collect it. Thankfully I never heard from him or the car, but I suspect it was scrapped within a few years afterwards. The registration now belongs to a Kia.



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Current car #4 Mercedes E 430 T 4-matic

Some of you may have seen it in my collection thread. I bought a Mercedes estate in Stockholm yesterday. I've liked the S210 ever since I worked as a taxi driver in Uppsala when studying at university, so for me it is the 'car'. I've driven around 500,000 miles in them, so that's how a car should be. 

I've had a couple of 320 CDI's before, and they've rusted badly, and now I've realised they're more of enthusiast's car material than actual daily driver.

This one has had two previous owners, the last one from 2007 up until now. He's spent a LOT on servicing, a respray some years ago and was generally a very nice guy. The car was as described, and I paid approximately £ 2,700. I seems alright now, I think they're at rock bottom now and will be more expensive when the rusty heaps are gone in a few years. 

Unfortunately it is AWD. It's not what I want, it just makes it thirstier, more complex and expensive to maintain, but you can't be picky if you find one of these in decent nick. The drive home was nice, it needs a look at the front suspension (dampers, wheel alignment), the rubber boot around the steering axle has disintegrated and lets both air and engine noise in. It is quick, but not in the torquey way a 320 CDI is, it is surprisingly fast above 60 mph. It's not frugal, but not too thirsty either, I guess the trip computer's 28 mpg reading might be true, I'll check when I fill up next time.






Unfortunately, this front wing wasn't replaced when the car had a respray


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Car from the past #5: '99 Mondeo 2,0


This was bought in 2007 when we were expecting our second child. I was trying be sensible and to stop buying old heaps. It actually went okay, this was a trade-in at a dealership and I paid half the going rate because of a bad wheel bearing and worn brake discs. It had WORKING air condition, and was the first car we've had which felt absolutely reliable. And it was. It didn’t miss a beat for the 80,000 miles we drove it and it had done 200,000 miles  when when we sold it to some strange guys for £100 in 2012. It had failed the MOT on rust and a broken cat, and the timing belt needed replacement. A month later it was advertised with 85,000 miles and FSH. 

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Car from the past #5: '93 Mercedes 200 D


One of the best ones. German import in 1998, just as Sweden had joined the EU and loads of MB's Audi's and BMW found their way here. 

Yes, it was slow. Slow enough for other motorists to flash the lights in my mirror when I was accelerating flat out. I bought it for around £500 at a Toyota dealer in Emmaboda, I think it may have been in 2011 and used it daily until 2015. Very reliable, did 43 mpg at worst, no matter how hard it was driven. I once measured 58 mpg.

One memorable trip was a 400 mile round trip with a 2,7 meter high box trailer behind. Max speed, flat out in fourth was 51 mph. Fifth was not to think about.  

Sold in 2015 for around £500. 

IMG_0615.thumb.JPG.d476b96387108123f17bf1244bbb7ede.JPG IMG_0614.thumb.JPG.738cd0d91b1fa2b81ad85ce615d340f0.JPG

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Car from the past #7: 1992 Ford Escort 1,8 D CL


I know the Mk5 Escort doesn't have a massive following, and it may not be the sexiest car ever produced. But in 2002 or 2003 my then GF, now wife, was going to study about 70 miles away. We needed something thrifty. And this is by far the cheapest car to run I've ever had. If I remember correctly I paid roughly  £500 for a well worn German import with 250,000 miles on the clock which needed quite a lot of TLC and a new timing belt.  But with that sorted it went on to be quite a nice aquaintance. It was not quick nor refined, and it was a reluctant starter during winter.  But it returned 56 mpg overall, and diesel was cheap back then. We put 40,000 miles on it, and I sold it to a friend who did another 40,000 in it before it went to greener pastures.  



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If I remember correctly the Saab was a 2,3 litre? Or did you have another one? Also have a memory of the lights cutting out while I was driving it in the dark.  You’re response was that it never had done that in the dark before only when it was bright outside. But I guess there’s a first for everything 😀

Edited by Nibbler
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Hello and welcome Nibbler! Great to have my best old friend here as well! 

I’m quite sure the Saab was a 2-litre, and I definitely haven’t had another one, even though an early Turbo would be very nice. 

I think you were driving the first time the lights cut out, it was quite scary! 

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I don’t know. Maybe he had a lot of red paint and wanted a car that looks like a hot rod from underneath?

I can’t make my mind up whether I’ll stick with the original colour, metallic blue or, to go for Cardinal red which is perfect for an 80’s sporting Ford in my opinion. It will never be an unmolested original car, so I’m leaning towards the latter. 

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Car from the past #8: 1983 Ford Granada 2.8 Injection


Since my old friend @Nibblerhas started writing here, I need to step up!

When working as a cab driver, it was easy to keep an eye out on Uppsala's diminishing fleet of 70s and 80s Fords. This one, LUR153 was a stunning one-owner car when I moved there in 1999, but fell into the wrong hands and just a few years later it was standing unused in a car park. It may have been 2002, I contacted the owner,  and asked to buy it. He was offered £50,  which was accepted. I can't remember what was wrong with it, but it must have been something minor, as I remember I drove it home, and that it sailed through the MOT. 

I used it for some time, but it was horrendously thirsty, more so than any other 2,8 I've had. It was generally in decent condition otherwise, had Recaro seats and all, including a cassette player and a Cat Stevens tape.

Fun fact: I forgot the keys to the car in the car for one whole week, on the parking outside the block of student's flats where we lived. Not only that, the keys were actually in the driver's door. Such was the demand for old Fords back then.


It was later sold to a cousin, he used it for some years. It is now owned by the chairman of the Swedish Cortina club, so there's still hope for the old "LUR". 

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Here I am, on the west side of lake Vättern with the 2.8 Injection. I’m on my way to my good friend and second cousin in Västerås. He’s going to have a go at giving it a respray. 170 miles done, half-way. Just lost the power steering due to no fluid for some reason. I’ve filled it again to see what happens. 

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On 3/20/2022 at 3:14 PM, Rightnider said:

Enough with the new stuff. I've got some old cars as well.

First up is a couple of interesting ones. The white Granada 2,8 Injection one was bought late 2020. It was advertised quite close to where my parents live for approximately £300, and I managed to get it transported home to my parents as part of the deal. I was quite convinced it would be shot, but it had Recaro interior and the other Injection specific parts left so I bought it just to use as a donor car...IMG_5112.thumb.JPG.9eedda7d796ff9ad6c6fbfc2a775c22b.JPG



Which was lucky! A couple of months  later I managed to source this one!


A 1983 2,8 Injection which has been restored in the late 90's with new genuine Ford panels. It doesn't have the Recaro interior, and the gearbox is four speed, probably from a 2-litre Granada since reverse is on the left of first. A genuine 2,8 box should have it on the left of second. Anyway, that's all right since I've got all parts needed on the white one. Did I mention that the engine is recently restored, bored, new pistons and everything and a fast road Kent cam?

I drove it home last summer, circa 200 miles, and it's very slow, would easily be taken for a 2-litre, probably down to leaking hoses and lean mixture. 

It also features a home built 'sports exhaust' which sounds deafening and horrendous. It also needs proper springs to make it look normal. The price was alright to say the least, approximately £ 1,200, including  a vast amount of spares, brand new Ford front wings and a set of  RS alloys, the seven inch model. 









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Car from the past #9: Granada 2.8i LS

@Nibblerhas kindly sent me some pictures of cars I've had. Thanks a lot! This one was a favourite of mine, an early Mk2 Granada. 


Mechanically, it was excellent. Apart from it stalling on the way home from Gunnebo where it was bought, it never missed a beat, and with the uprated sports suspension included in the 'S' package it felt quite nimble. I used it a lot over a couple of years. I took it with me when I moved to Uppsala for studies. It was quite solid, but looked terrible. I sold it in 2001 due to moving to Scotland, but it is one of those cars I wish I still had. 


Looking for something in the boot with the seller.

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While I’m at it…

Car from the past #10:  Granada 2.0 L ‘V. I.P’ 1981


I had forgotten this one, thanks again @Nibbler for reminding me!

I bought this cheap from a ‘motivated’ seller in Kalmar, I think it might have been a friend of a friend. He was dreading the imminent MOT, I was always up for a Granada. I can’t remember the price, but I would be surprised if it was more than £ 150. 

It had the sweetest running Pinto I’ve ever driven, a lovely interior and looked really good. Unfortunately it was quite rusty underneath, but it served me well for the winter, and I think my mother used it the winter after that. 

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