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Cars, Lasses and Lads - A Photo Sharing Thread

Dick Longbridge

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4 hours ago, egg said:

Adolf Rosenberger in a Merc in the 20's, co-founder of Porsche. The Third Reich obviously stole his share of the company, because he was Jewish.


Well Ferry Porsche tells it differently. In 1933 Rosenberger wanted to quit Porsche and leave Germany because of the political situation. Anton Piech persuaded an Austrian racing driver by the name of Hans von Veyder-Malberg to take over Rosenbergers shares. Rosenberger was arrested, but due to the influence of Porsche he was released.

However, Rosenberger sued Porsche for compensation, which meant that Porsche had to set up another company in 1950.. Back in 1933 Rosenberger was paid in Austrian Schillings by von Veyder-Malberg, so he should not have had a problem with converting that into any other currency. Porsche also gave Rosenberger the contract as overseas representative for the Porsche Design Services. Obviously this was not enough an Rosenberger still sued. In the end a settlement was reached and Rosenbereger went to California.

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On 24/05/2023 at 16:35, MiniMinorMk3 said:


Well thanks for that, I'm never going to sleep again.  All of my fears are in that photo; clowns, Safeway and dirty car parks.  :lol:
I was the only person happy when Safeway closed!

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16 hours ago, High Jetter said:

I'm not one to judge anyone's irrational fears, but what did that store do to scare you?

*mumbles something about a dropped carton of orange juice exploding on the floor in the store in Sydenham that lead to a huge telling off from the staff and a random bloke that the spray went onto.
It's silly now, but it was pant cackingly terrifying at the time as I was wimpish seven year old and barely spoke to anyone.  I bolted from the shop, errand incomplete.  For years I wouldn't even walk past the front of the shop in case the staff recognised me (which of course they wouldn't after a few days, but when you are child with a fear of authority and an overactive imagination, you just know that they will find you and tell your mum.)  The fear grew in my head and I thought my description, or worse - a grainy CCTV still image - would be circulated around all Safeway stores and I'd be hounded out of one when on holiday in Cornwall or something.

Because this happened in the 80's, the CCTV images would of course have been captured by something like this:

Does anybody remember those Dalek looking CCTV cameras in Boots and other  shops? : r/CasualUK

I'm chuckling to myself typing this because it's so completely irrational now, but that's childhood fears for you.
The original comment was in jest, because clowns give a few people the creeps, and car parks shouldn't be dirty these days, people should be clearing up their own litter (as if they do).

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