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Cars, Lasses and Lads - A Photo Sharing Thread

Dick Longbridge

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25 minutes ago, castros_bro said:

Berkeley B95 or B105 - Royal Enfield engined.

Berkeley SE492/4 with Excelsior 2-stroke three-cylinder 492 cc engine. The SE492/4 is sometimes known as the B100. The body shape of the B95/B105 is quite different, especially at the front.

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6 hours ago, martc said:


So why did you marry the mulit-millionaire....

Unusual reg number on the Herald.

2 hours ago, High Jetter said:

Channel isles?

Liverpool issue from April 1960+ :) 

when reverse registrations where issued, some but not all county councils did elect to issue their original single digit letter that was issued to them at the start of British motor vehicle registration in 1904 (this time in reverse format of course)

in-fact the very first reverse plate was 1000E issued in 1953

some county councils elected to issue all of their 1 letter and 2 letter reverse plates first, where as others elected to issue them last once all 3 letter reverse plates had been exhausted

and obviously not every county council had a single digit letter to issue. in the first place, so they are pretty rare relatively speaking



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M'learned friend is correct here, Your Honour.  For anecdotal evidence, I can cite my neighbour when I was in my early teens, who had a 1957-ish Morris Minor van, 788 ALV; during the time we had a 1956 Traveller, VKC 225 and a 1961 Ford 100E Popular, 6279 KB.  All Liverpool issues, bearing out the distribution pattern outlined above.


(Let's see how long this post takes to load...)

Edit: and the answer is, seconds!  Now I'm truly mystified...

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