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Old car advets from 1990 - a selection of chod-tastic offer! Pic heavy

Blake's Den

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I was doing some sorting out and found this old newspaper from 1990. It was only a few sheets but the car adverts have survived and there is some great listings in there. Here is a selection below for your viewing pleasure. Click the images to view them at higher resolution.

Check out the APR on the 205/309 deals!


When did you last see a Lancia dealer? I'll have the Delta Integrale please with £100 of 1990's petrol.


Take your choice of Metro's


Free bull bar and radio casette with the SJ


Choose from a petrol of diesel Novavan


Check out the price of a Seantor!


The stunning new Polo - so stunning they have to take a picture of the back of it.


Demo slae of a Volvo 440 bASe


Small adds featuring an XJ6 swap for a mini, ex War Department Land Rover and a 2.2 Princess











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There used to be a bombsite car dealer in Walsall called Brunswick motors in the late 80s/early 90s. Many a time as a kid, I saw MK1 and MK2 escorts on there for the princely price of £99-£150. I used to ask my dad If I could buy one with my birthday/pocket money.

I wonder if anyone local remembers this place? Or has photos? Long shot I know.

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On 1/27/2022 at 9:06 PM, Blake's Den said:

found this old newspaper from 1990

Some familiar garage names in that Chronicle. My uncle bought a 309 from Grocotts, probably would have been around that time too

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I went on about this elsewhere but paying by the word certainly helped keep car adverts short and to the point. 

None of this screeds of ALL CAPS drivel cluttering up the internet like what we have now. 

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38 minutes ago, horriblemercedes said:

According to the Bank of England inflation calculator, £5 in 1990 would be worth around £12 now. How were they doing an oil and filter change for that?

It was Kwikfit , you probably came out with new tyres / exhaust / battery / shocks or each and every combination of, that more than covered their loss leader. 

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