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JJ0063’s current steed - Life of an impulsive car owner


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10 hours ago, EyesWeldedShut said:

Had a girlfriend like that once too....

He's driven over a plank with a couple of nails sticking out and punctured close to the side wall?

It’s NSF and OSR now running budgets so unless he ran over something at a funny angle I’m guessing he’s somehow ended up with two separate punctures! No idea, I’ll sort it eventually. 

First thing is to get all the shocks swapped for the nice new matching Sachs items with new top mounts etc, get it 4 wheel aligned then see what the shaking is like. The wheel balancing didn’t help, prop donuts both look fine, no bushes seem to have drastic play. 

I’ll sort it, it’s not violent but enough to make me want to sort it.

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I've learnt something here.

I have a reg I thought nothing about, but maybe I should retain it as I did find it easy to remember.

I can then sell my StreetKA for £250 less using man maths, despite the fact it will cost me £80 plus a new set of plates.

What is this fantastic reg you may ask?

J33 FWP.    

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