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Shite at the movies


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A few Autoshite takes on popular films.

The Full Mondy

A group of unemployed steel workers attempt an engine swap on one of Fords finest, wearing nothing but red leather posing pouches. 

Brokeback Mountain 

Two latter day cowboys repair the chassis on a Nissan Navara pick up whilst wrestling with their sexuality. And each other. 

Cool Runnings

The Jamaican bobsleigh team are assured their aircon"Just needs a regas M9". 

Cable Tietanic

A young Leonardo di Caprio repairs the bumper on his 200SX after drifting into an iceberg.

Anyone think of any others? 


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43 minutes ago, timolloyd said:

The French Collection. Gene Hackman must track down suspicious Xantias with leaking suspension and crusty sills full of cocaine.

Carget; Gene is an ex-CIA operative, while touring cold war europe in search of prime chod he is accosted by itinerant violin players and ends up in east germany.

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1 hour ago, HMC said:

The matrix-

A 5 hour epic shot in real time sees an man try, in vain, to change heater matrix on his Alfa 166. Spoiler- he fails, and resorts to k seal, thus  leaving the door open for a sequel.

There speaks a man who has suffered real pain.😄

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