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On 1/16/2022 at 2:41 PM, mk1_4dr said:

I've only had 4 estate cars, we currently still have 3 of them and I think I'd always have at least 1 now. 

The first was an '89 E30 320i Auto in 2010, it was a lovely car, in a good colour and a decent spec. It was slow though, but it made a good noise. 

I've had the 945 Turbo since 2012, it's probably a keeper but hasn't been on the road since 2018.

2001 V70 I saved from the scrapman with a slipping clutch, cost me what he would've got for the cat stuck and now 3 years later it really does need that clutch, I think this is a keeper too as it does everything I'd ever want a car to do even if it's a bit thirsty. 

And the 2003 Z11 Cube, not sure if it's really an estate but it does all of the estate car things.








That 945 and cube are perfect.

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Quite like estates myself. More practical. 

Had a few too. 

Couple of MK4 Astras. Blue one I used for good while. Silver one didn't hang about long. The rear R/H chassis leg fell out after the tester poked through it. 



Owned an Omega for a short while. Lovely car, sold then later scrapped. Annoying as it was a very clean car and needed a little bodywork to make it nice. 


Skoda Fabia Estates aren't half bad too. Mine was base spec Classic and SDi. Gave me little bother. Bar the seats, boy they were crippling to be sat on. Fabia Bohemia ones were swapped in. Much better. Stupidly sold it on. New owner pretty much wrecked it and then scrapped it. 


Now back to another Estate. Once I've let some fresh metal back into it that'll replace my current daily. 


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35 minutes ago, Agila said:

Doing well for himself.

C class I assume. Is that big enough for a fat labrador?

Asking for a fat labrador.

Our Labrador / Husky cross recommends an E class, he is happy with his. Speaking as his Chauffeur I also find it to be a nice vehicle to travel in.


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I bought the Mondeo about 18 months ago now, in the midst of a house move it proved very practical indeed for all the sundry trips to the dump, DIY, garage crap moving etc. At the time I also had the Bluebird off the road for some works. I had thought about selling once I'd settled in and the Bluebird was back, but then realised that a backup is essential and it's actually incredibly useful! It performs daily duties quite ably, although it's happiest on the motorway.



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Well it will be for sale in the spring as the garage you can see in the background of picture 2 is due to be demolished later this year to landscape the garden. Either this or the Thema 8.32 needs to go as I won't be able to garage both.

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Suppose I had better add mine. These are my two favourite photos of it. Bought June last year. Done about 5000 miles in it. 1.9N/A. Mainly long runs between Derby and Dunoon, moving flat pack from the yellow and blue shop of Swedish delight. Lots of tip runs removing the old kitchen and packaging from said flat pack furniture. Also used to hauled logs appliances and as a gun bus. At home Skoda Superb, and previously owned Xantia Estate and a Vauxhall Insignia EstateE663E49B-B1C9-4B99-9DAC-6B21500AE8CB.thumb.jpeg.dc875c26a71e4901277515bb6b562dd0.jpegAA112AB6-CE89-47D3-8093-A7132F345E7F.thumb.jpeg.13929edeaf98f396ea0b2b3a58ff4432.jpeg

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I’ve had far too many to count. I’ve probably had 15 s124 estates thinking simply of a specific model, so it’s fair to say I’m a fan, although I turned down a 2001 £500 v70 today.

Purely on scarcity terms, this gumtree find (£200) in 2015 was probably my rarest shooting brake.





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As a youth I wouldn't have given estates a second thought, but as I've drifted into middle age I've learned the beauty of them. I actually recon lots of cars actually look better in estate format than they do in saloon flavour.

To date I've only owned a couple. The first, a late Volvo 940 turbo modelled here by myself and Knott Junior


SAM_8445 (3)


This was replaced by an early P2 V70 for a fraction of what the 940 sold for.

The V70 in my (No doubt unpopular) opinion, despite lacking the novelty/retro feel is a superior car in just about every measurable way, so much so that I honesty can't think of anything I'd replace it with.





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My current motor. Focus 2.0 ghia automatic. Motability car till 2006 and then one owner till 2021. Family made him give up driving when he caught something with the rear bumper and has cracked the paint on drivers corner.  No rot,never been welded and drives like I'd imagine a new one to drive like with no knocks or bangs. I bought it with 8500 miles on the speedo but it had a new dash binnacle fitted in 2011 when it had 35000 on it. It's now on 12500 so around 47500-48000 (without checking mileage when binnacle replaced for receipt with original dash mileage I can't be exact).

I've had a towbar fitted along with 4 new tyres,cambelt,aux belt and associated tensioners. Been in the garage today for a oil and filter change and to reseal the sump as the original sealant was weeping oil. Also replaced a dry rocker gasket a few weeks back.

Has the 6 disc in dash changer,trip computer,digital climate control,electric rear windows but doesn't have heated leather or cruise. I think they were options not ticked? Ac could do with a regas too but not warm enough to bother me yet. Average low 30s mpg which I'm not complaining about and the estate has a fairly decent sized boot for the class of car. With the auto box and 2.0 lump it can and has tramped up and down the motorway and is a comfy way to eat the miles. 



Have owned a few in the past,prefer saloons or estates over hatchbacks but now needing to carry a mobility scooter estates are the only option.

In the past I've owned or the wife has owned in no particular order these estates,

R reg mercedes E200

W ford escort 1.6 finesse

V Vauxhall vectra 2.0 auto

54 Peugeot 307 sw 2.0 hdi

R citroen xantia 1.9TD

R Peugeot 406 2.1TD



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I love estates too, although mine have all been company cars as needed for what equipment I might carry. Currently on my second Skoda Superb because this happened to the first…2B56AAA0-7E50-4F2B-A38C-6CD0EDA5D65E.thumb.jpeg.b3779792f4674331a308e9fe7900f34f.jpegDBA94000-9CE5-4965-86F6-B5B5601841BB.thumb.jpeg.6d6e52a889e853c37a1bd3c6cc81b546.jpegwas very glad to be in this rather than anything else. Offside rear door reluctant to open and two kids in the back. Also 400 miles from home, not the best end to the holiday!

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Because if you're going to do something do it twice.

SRT was a '89 GL 2.0 auto. Very slow, very thirsty, very rusty. Bought for £300, sold for £130.

BUH is a '89 GLE 2.3 auto. Slightly less slow, slightly less thirsty, slightly less rusty. Bought for £700.

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10 hours ago, Longbridge Apologist said:

(It’s not an estate, it’s a Touring etc etc)

And did you know, as I didn't until very recently, that a 'shooting brake' is not just an affected name for an estate car, but a very specific reference to a two door estate. Similarly the French version of an estate, the 'break' is a shortened version of 'break de chasse' - hunting break. Like this one here...



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On 1/18/2022 at 10:08 AM, tul66 said:

Well it will be for sale in the spring as the garage you can see in the background of picture 2 is due to be demolished later this year to landscape the garden. Either this or the Thema 8.32 needs to go as I won't be able to garage both.

<joins queue for Volumex>

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The Squirrels are fans of P2 Volvos...

First in 2012 we had this V70 D5 Euro 4 185hp high-miler that gave about 5 years service before finally dying at nearly 300k with engine problems caused mainly by the DPF and poor servicing advice (fuel economy down to low 30s and in almost constant 'limp mode').


Undaunted, in late 2017 I found this nice XC70 'Ocean Race' with the earlier Euro 3 163hp motor and it has become a firm family favourite despite a few niggles. It will give high 50s economy on a run. I feel it will probably outlive me; these are so well-made cars and it will have to be prised from my dying grasp.


Now, recently Mrs Squirrel1 decided she wanted one too (to replace the terminally rusty Celica), and found this XC70 in N Wales, that co-incidentally was registered in the same office only a few weeks later than my 'Ocean Race'. So, we now have 'his and hers' Volvo estates.. 


I've learnt a lot about these cars over ten years of ownership and one thing I noticed was that the V70 we owned first was built in Ghent in Belgium but that the earlier XC70s are Swedish-built and are of better build quality, in my opinion.


Squirrel 2

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