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4 hours ago, theshadow said:

pictures on morrow,dented side panels,should push out ,scratched front drivers bumper,radio.cd wont turn down,poverty spec,windup windows,clutch high up,but not slipping,adjustment first,more to follow..

caterham 7..lol

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bought for £100 or 5 twenty pound notes,done service,plugs,front pads,clutch ajuster still seized,still drives with high clutch pedal,needs boot lock,drives door barrel seized,dents ive since pushed out,airbag light sorted,turned off passenger side one,than switched back on all fine now,,more to to do,drl lights etc.










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These things are so simple to work on. If the clutch is high due to wear a new clutch can be had for less than £100 and a couple hours to fit. Can do a full service in about 1/2 hour and that's with having a tea break! Well bought.

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18 hours ago, bangernomics said:

How does he find these idiots that give a car away for half scrap value?

I can only assume that the shadow looks like he could kick you head in without breaking a sweat , so much so that men never refuse his low ball offers.

Or  so hunky, that women litterally put up a car for silly cheap just to get him to come and visit them




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