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    • By RichardK
      I haven't bought it, I traded it for some stuff and I'm not entirely sure I want it, but I'm definitely curious...
      It's green.
      It was made in Britain in 2004.
      It's got 12 months MoT.
      It does about 25mpg as far as I can tell.
      It has four doors.
      It has leather seats.
      It's got a CD player.
    • By pshome
      In spite of the current summer heat, we decided to drive 70 km to Augsburg and have a look at a former tramway depot recently converted to a show room for some asian cars. Started in a pair of Tagora's, but it didn't go well. Dinin Tagora decided that running on all 6 cylinders is optional, so we left him at the next exit and went on in only the silver SX. First time ever i have been sitting in the rear of a Tagora, very comfy and spacious!

      Met there with a 504 friend helping us to assure the parking lot gets a decent share of "proper" cars.

      This looks promising.

      Big picture of a cosmo..

      they have the real thing as well

      and much more!
      A RX7 registered to Mr. Felix Wankel

      a rotary station wagon

      rotary bus

      and even a Wankel wrecker.

      enough cars here i have never seen before to fill several pages in the " Cars you didn't know existed " thread.
      .. more to come
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