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How far did you go in 2021?


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Perhaps I'm the only saddo who notes down the mileage covered in the fleet? I thought it'd be interesting to tot up how many miles each car had done this year.


 Mondeo: 6436    

Bluebird: 2711    

Capri: 3148

Not bad, about 50% of the Capri's mileage was in one week to Aberdeen and back - the Bluebird had a couple of longer trips, but the Mondeo is the more practical and comfortable long journey car.


Whereas, during 2020...

Mondeo: 3688    (July onwards)

Bluebird: 5952    

Capri: 1542

The Capri didn't go far, with the travel restrictions preventing any long trips for most of the year. The Bluebird started the year off on primary daily driver duties, which increased during lockdown as I stopped taking the tube to work, then the Mondeo taking over on arrival.

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I'm going to cheat slightly and use MOT mileages as I have no idea what my Passat started the year on. 5/8/21 it was on 256,377 (currently 260,300ish). 15/08/20 it was on 250,334 so almost exactly 6,000 miles - about half what I normally do.

Even taking into account now having a second car that's a big drop. Taking of which, Lupo was on 132,054 on 21/12/21 and 129,444 on 4/1/21 so 2500 miles on that one give or take

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1 hour ago, Dyslexic Viking said:

Do not know but have become little driving the last 2 years due to the shit times we live in.

Very true. In 2019, I did about 6k miles in the Capri alone - at that time I lived in inner London (so most trips were by tube or bus) - didn't drive to/from work, the supermarket etc anywhere near as much as I do now. But the leisure trips were far greater in number - hopefully something we can look forward to next year. A lot of it with me is spontaneity, which hopefully will return a bit more!

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Not far enough.

Before this palaver I’d wake up in a morning and think “I fancy going to Brussels”, so I would. The work I was doing at the time allowed me the money and time to be able to fuck off on a whim, take photographs and clear my addled brain then return.

The new normal is quite different. Work basically stopped at eh the start of the pandemic and if it wasn’t for the generosity of Worldofceri, I’d be on the streets by now. The Saab of much waftage had to go as it cost far too much to just sit there.  So my wanderlust is very much frustrated with no real idea whether it’ll ever be quenched like it did.

But there has been some highlights. There has been trips out around the UK, searching for the rare and unusual and at least one bimble has been had to savour hovering things.
Plus many miles have been spent at the wheel of the Cerimobile, covering for when he can’t. 

So how many miles this year? Yes but not enough and definitely not in the right direction.

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I would say...

2006 Focus Cmax 1.6 - 4000 miles

(local journeys, tip runs, taking dogs out)

2004 Jaguar S type diesel - 5000 miles

(longer journeys, family and work car)

1997 Nissan Micra - 1500 miles

(local, fun and two autotests with SF junior, age 14)

1987 Toyota mr2 1.6 mk1 - 0 miles

(awaiting recommissing, funds and time)

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Not very far at all.

According to the MoT site 

Puegeot 206cc 1800 miles 

Land Rover Discovery 900 miles 

Range Rover LSE 0 miles (still parked up, still smashed up)

Nissan 100 NX 2900 miles.

All local miles. Even the two cars shows I went to were local. Must try harder this year.

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For the first few months I was still doing Sainsbo deliveries so 5k-ish a month, then new job mostly wfh but regular trips to York and Edinburgh so down to 2-3k a month. I change cars too often to bother thinking about how many miles are on them... Probably done 35k in 2021? 

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As with most my travel has been severely restricted since March 2020,  I was driving well over 20,000 miles a year and flying around Europe, now I am sat in front of a computer all the time.
The only accurate distance I measured is walking as I have a fat git watch, the arrival of a dog in March has seen a significant increased in miles walked with an end of year total of 3707 miles.
Miles on my work vehicle are recorded and I was shocked to see those are only 450 miles, mostly private collecting the Mercedes.

Since buying the Mercedes in July I have driven just over 3,500 miles, so less than my walking total!
It turned 133,333 Christmas morning and has done just over 100 since.


Before the Mercedes most miles were done in the Panda which is my girlfriend’s but total on that for the year between us is probably less than 2,000 as she now also works from home.

The proper car’s (Cortina and Granada) are almost certainly in the low hundreds, a shameful situation which must improve in 2022.

I have always logged my mileage in my work vehicles and think it a good idea to start in each car, lets see if I can follow this through.

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