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Passat. Quelle surprise.


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Working - 

Heated leather seats. Lovely.

Drives a treat.

Climate works - more on this shortly.

All seasons type tyres.


Areas for improvement -

Headlamps - dynamo Prince of Darkness 6v sealed beams would be a decent comparison.

Osr window inop. 

Nsr stuck in d/l 

Temp gauge inop mostly.

Heated washer jets inop.

Screen not so quick to clear.

Clean. And clean again.

No interior lamps. 

No driver's door ajar warning. 

No boot warning.

No osf puddle lamp. 

Oil like , well, old non-PD oil.

Engine cover hanging off. 

Any number of little bits commensurate with age and mileage. 

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Oil changed. Ran for 200 mile, oil dropped and replaced for correct PD spec stuff. Mann oil filter changed etc etc.

Less sludgy. Win. Probably. 


Engine cover removed, repaired and new mounting rubbers ordered. 

Cover then left on bench and there it is still. 🤔.

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Once more unto the breach, dear friends..





All because someone has left the shite in the scuttle to block the drains, then the run - off from filter housing. Which has dried out (as they all do).

Drains cleared. 

Can't remove the filter housing because overtightened wiper arms. 

Three days with clamps on, soaked in Rostoff and penetrating oil.  Nowt. I suspect I'll have to drill them off. 

Cleaned a couple of contacts up and the PCB feeds. Needs de-pinning. Yay.

So currently drying# out with wiper arms under tension from pullers. Fully expect the screen to be broken when I look next 🤔.

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Oh yes, slightly polished headlamps- better (more to come).



Managed to get nsr door out of self imposed deadlock (CCM dried/pin cleaned). 👌

Went to replace nsr no. plate lamp bulb...holder mostly fell out. So ordered two Cheng-shin specials.

And a pair of wiper arms. Someone pass me the die-grinder.

And and a temp sender, you know, the one at the back that's a c#@t to get to cleanly. 

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On 29/12/2021 at 09:43, red5 said:

Yep. Gingerly as the lower screen breaks if you press too hard on the plastic scuttle trim, nevermind a whack.

Nope, will do when I'm back in workshop. Got an induction tool that usually does it...


How useful do you find it? Been tempted to go halfers with my dad on one... 

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Wiper arms drilled off, pair ordered.

Seal ordered. Drains cleared, scuttle cleared. Housing reshaped slightly. 

CCM dried. Wiring plug meh. Left disconnected to avoid being locked out. Again.

Engine cover repaired and refitted 

Drives well. Seats are lovely, heated bliss. 


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