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The Midlands Massiv new year traditional trip out somewhere.

Inspector Morose

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1 hour ago, bezzabsa said:

Stourbridge!!!! Ye gods most folk don't realise this place exists LOL.... about 4 minutes from me as well!!

Fetched a upvc door and frame free for collection. Even though it was 130 mile round trip in a car doing mid 30s mpg it still made more financial sense than buying one locally!

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6 hours ago, motorpunk said:

I also saw a train. And I left a MotorPunk card on a Renault 25 which I think must belong to one of us lot, and I waved at a beige VW camper in the road nearby who probably wondered who the weirdo in the modern BMW was. 



This would of also been me in a modern* but shite BMW if I wasn't locked in with Covid. For the second bloody time. Grr.

*Is 2006 modern still?

The Deltic looks lovely!

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