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The Midlands Massiv new year traditional trip out somewhere.

Inspector Morose

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Well folks, we haven’t done this for a while. It’s about time we did this again and this year there’s a good reason to come out.

The usual venue of the Severn Valley Railway will be swapped this year for the delights of the Great Central Railway at Loughborough on the 2nd of January. Why? DELTIC, thats why.

The Great Central will be celebrating 40 years after the Deltic Scotsman Farewell operated in 1982 and will be doing so with the operation of Deltic 19 in service that day. For more information see https://www.gcrailway.co.uk/deltic-40/ 

Train riding is not compulsory nor is an interest in trains (heathen), it’s just an excuse to meet up and escape the house for a few hours and possibly drink tea.

Obviously this is subject to change on the whim of our delightful government but as it’s an open air venue (aka a car park) I think we should be okay.

Plan is to meet up at Loughborough from around 10:30 ish so that those interested can get the first train out at 11:15 although this is not compulsory.

So, who’s interested?

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9 hours ago, motorpunk said:

That’s quite close to me. I’m not arsed about a train ride, but it might be fun to spot some chod. The Quorn and Rothley stations are a bit nicer for parking, if you’re on the train keep an eye open for my yellow Fiat, if it’s not raining I may pop over for a nosey. 


1 minute ago, chaseracer said:


Though, as Musical Offspring reminds me, I have to take him to a brass band rehearsal for 11am.  In Coalville.  Which is not far from...

A plan forms.

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Just a gentle reminder that this is still a thing. Plan is to meet at Quorn Station


for around 10:30 - whenever and hang around for as long as folk want to unless we get bored and wander off to find something else. The Deltic (19) should be passing the station at around just after coming up to 11:15.

There is a café on site for the all important tea requirements. 

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