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OLLI-Tart D1 300tdi acquired.

Dan the van

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Got that ta.Hoping for bias plate.Had a brand new clutch fitted and it's likely the garage put something out.Mainshaft failure means drive in 4th only.Or the grub screw on the slip ring has moved on the selector shaft.Still be done without dropping the box.Could also be a selector for which is new box time.Will look at bias plate first obvs.

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3 minutes ago, anonymous user said:

Spread some hot tar over the roof and then stick some canvas on while it's still warm. It'll be fine as long as you never want to open them again.

Someone told me today to get the roof vinal wrapped, straight over both sunroofs! Not a bad idea lol 

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So situation update.Now oil tight and in a drivable state.An exploratory trundle down my lane revealed a gearbox devoid of any synchro and 1st/2nd whine more than the ex wife.So it's toast.Will be ordering a recon box in due course along with an engine hoist and intend to change it out in due course.Until then I shall attend to the minor welding needed and a few other small mot related items.At least the gearbox is a reasonable price.🙂.All in I reckon it should owe me about 1650 when finished.Not bad at all tbh.

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Near side rear wheel arch front edge. The lip that stops mud flying up between the body and the inner arch is rotten but too close to the seatbelt mount. Went up my unit to weld it up and left my welder at home. Given up now, cracked a beer open instead. 

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11 minutes ago, Dan the van said:

Plan,should sort that easy enough.

Hopefully the weather holds up tomorrow. Need it retesting tomorrow before lunch. Punishment day Sunday if i do, get it stuck in the mud again. Need to do front wheel bearings too. 

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So spurred on by some dry weather I decided to start on the bits of welding.N/S/F inner arch is the worst so after a bit of angry grinder action I got this.




Had decided to butt weld everything so cut some nice regular shapes to make the fab easier.Some time later I ended up with this.


Most of this is hidden by the splash guard so won't be on view.             


A quick inspection of all this revealed a lot of newish bits Inc copper hard lines which was a nice surprise.Other side next.



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