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    • By Stanky
      Thanks all for your contributions to the forum over the last month, as the 'treasurer' for AS and the one funding the costs up-front, I wanted to update everyone on the current finances of the forum and set out the plan going forward.
      The Fundrazr page has now been locked and will stop accepting new donations. The total raised this month was £677.00
      Costs this month have been a total of £296.00 for the software licence, hosting and backups. Fundrazr admin costs and paypal processing fees were a further £67.70.
      Combined, the costs were £363.70
      The current balance in the account is therefore +£313.30
      We propose we keep this balance as a reserve in case of unexpected expenses, and open a new Fundrazr campaign to cover the costs for the next month. The target will be £110 to cover Fundrazr fees, hosting and backups, which come to a combined total of £94.00. The software is paid for through to November 23rd now.
      The link to the new FundRazr page can be found HERE
      Thanks to all who donated, it is very much appreciated.
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