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GR8 PL8 M8's Daewoo Espero - Mild de-giffering and "repairs"

GR8 PL8 M8

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Now I've got that out of the way, I can backtrack a little.

I was picked up from Heswall Station by the sellers wife (the sadly deceased previous owner's daughter) in a bright red VW T-Roc wearing the plate 81 K. It transpires that it was the previous owner's plate, acquired on a Ford Consul (iirc) way back when and worn by the Espero until he died. Since he owned the Espero from new, I'm assuming it was registered to that plate, I'd be interested if someone could verify this.

The seller and his wife were both lovely, we had a good chat and encountered some odd coincidences. They live in Wales, but the seller was from my area (very local area) and had up until 12 years ago worked in a similar role to myself at the same airport (he worked for an airline, I work for the airport itself). 

The car runs great, seller had checked it all for me before my arrival, it drove nicely the 700 yards up the road to the garage. I know it's an overused phase, but it handles like a go-kart, heavy-ish but very quick and snappy.

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