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Grogee's spannering (Puma & others)


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BiL's van (05 Trafic) has steering issue. Says it doesn't 'feel right' and steering no longer self-centres. We both suspect pump.

Trouble is I really CBA doing it even though he'll pay mate's rates £40/hr. The van is a total heap, 200k miles, airbag light on and wires chopped around pretensioners (dunno what the story is and don't care). It's filthy in the engine bay because the crank seal was leaking (now fixed).

He also wants me to do glow plugs which will also be a complete PITA, bodged wiring and all sorts of shit missing under the bonnet. 

He's about to sell some land and get a 'proper' car but still needs everyday wheels short term. I wonder if he's best off weighing it in, adding in the money he'd have paid for me to do work and buying another shiter, short MoT would be fine. 

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I told BiL I didn't want to do his PAS pump, which is true. He's coming to see us Sat and I'll just tell him I think spending money on that van is a waste, it's beyond economical repair. 

In other news, this morning the side 'nostril' grille bit flew out of the Saab as I drove along, luckily nothing behind me but I didn't retrieve it. I did think it went in a bit easily when I replaced it yesterday. 


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