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Costco Tyres - £94 off set of 4


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Aware this will be a bit niche as most people are not members, and then most would not need 4 tyres, but thought would mention it on here just in case. (also offer might only be on my tyre size)
Wanted to get a couple of tyres for the Audi just purchased and ended up on costco site.

Michelins and Good Years have just under £94 off a set of 4, and includes free fitting.

Costco purchase price £194, Black circles for same tyres £272

Seemed a good deal, so thought would mention it.

(And I dont work for Cost co)


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  • gadgetgricey changed the title to Costco Tyres - £94 off set of 4

Costco are great but their policies can be annoying - they'll only fit new tyres to the rear if you are having just 2. And if you want to fit non run flat tyres to a run flat equipped car they will refuse, despite letting you order and pay for the tyres online. 

They seem to alternate deals between their 3 main brands of Goodyear, Bridgestone and Michelin 

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