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Shite Christmas


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On my first visit to Arny Shark the salesman said to me ".....
Do you want >>>
12month MoT?
11 service stamps?
10,000 annual?
9 point check?
8 month breakdown?
7 days cooling off?
6 floor mats?
5 Full Alloy Weeelllzzz......
4 locking nuts?
3 Interior lights?
2 Dee Arrr Ellll?
......& A 'feu orange', just for FREE

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I'm dreaming of a shite Christmas, 

Just like the ones we never* had,

Where your fluid's leaking 

And springs are creaking, 

And something's stuffing up your rad.


I'm dreaming of a shite Christmas  

Your coolant hose is gonna blow, 

May your bearings be over-tight,

And may all your Christmases be shite.

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I'd actually like a Haynes manual for an S204 Mercedes.
There 😂 I said it.

Might need some roof bars. Annoyingly, I've only just let a set of generic estate roofbars go about 6 months ago.

I currently have......

A set of genuine Vauxhall Mokka ones.

A set of non-genuine BMW 3 series ones

And another set, but I'm not sure what I bought them for. Probably the Mercedes GLA. I don't think they fit generic roof rails, but they might....

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