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2022 Toyota Parallel Pomeroy Trophy - 12th February 2022


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Came up on my Faceache that this is being run again in February 2022. It's held, I believe, in Parallel with the VSCC and will cost £30 to enter which goes to the Motor Neurone Disease Association (which is Toyota UK's chosen chariddee).

I'm hoping to go in the perpetually-on-sale-off-sale-Corolla, as seeing a few videos of it from 2019 I don't think the LandCruiser would be the best thing to go there with. Plus I'm going with the vain hope that I get to have one lap of Silverstone in it!

I know there must be a few here that go to the VSCC part, but it'd be nice if a few Autoshiter Toyotas assemble and take it on!

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Got an email yesterday, and some how I've got an entry. I'm not even on the reserve list, I'm #3!

Had a look at the list which they give out, there seems to be a lot of GR Yaris' competing. But the list seems quite diverse, there's a Tercel from 1987 going, I'm one of 3 E11 Corolla's (one is a WRC replica), a Starlet EP91 and... a Hiace. Even two Mk1 RAV4's are going, although strangely no Land Cruisers. There is also an entry for "Celica GT4 Carlos Sainz"...

Quite excited, well very excited, by this. I need to throw an MOT on it and get various niggles sorted out before 19th February. 

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