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Daimler Ferret


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My wife’s boss has just acquired this delightful vehicle, it’s been in storage for 30 odd years and doesn’t currently run but I’m sure it won’t take much to get it up and running! It has a straight 6 Petrol engine which I assume is a Daimler unit and the overall condition of the vehicle is excellent, BS6 the younger approves and hopes to have a drive when it’s running….



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Quite hard to drive safely on or off road as the visibility is completely rubbish even with the hatch open, needs to be done with a vehicle director looking out the top like Michael Caine in A Bridge Too Far.

7 hours ago, Asimo said:

@lesapandre might like to consider one of these as a ULEZ chariot what with it’s compact dimensions*,  pre-selector gearbox and immunity to parking scrapes.

**compared to an Austin A125


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