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Autoshite 'staff' vacancies


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As you will probably know AS is facilitated by a group of volunteers who work behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.  We now need some extra hands to keep things ticking along like a well oiled K-Series.

AS treasurer

The first vacancy is for someone to pick up the financials of AS as Stanky is stepping down. This person will manage the payments side of things.  We have regular payments to hosting companies, and external backups. This person is also responsible for setting up the money raising activities, and for ensuring transparency of the system by updating members on a regular basis.  A more detailed explanation can be obtained from the outgoing treasurer Stanky. 

AS Moderator

We are looking to expand the moderation team due to increasing external commitments of existing moderators.  Moderator's main responsibilities are around approving new members posts, assisting members with admin queries, ensuring spam is avoided, that threads are in the correct sections and on rare occasions moderating posts if they fail to meet our community standards. 

If you are interested in either role please PM all three of the existing admin team (brownnova, mrs6c, chaseracer) explaining any previous experience of roles like this and why you would want to do the role. We are looking for someone who has been committed to AS for a period of time and who has made positive contribution to the car side of the community.

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    • By brownnova
      We would like to announce some additions to the Administration team here on AS.
      Thank you to all who expressed interest in the available positions.  We had a good range of responses to the request for help and really appreciate the time people put into their applications.
      Treasurer:  Firstly can we place on record our thanks to @Stanky for the sterling work he has done.  We are pleased to announce @Talbot will be taking over this role, with immediate effect.
      Moderators: Thanks also go to @Pillock for his time as a Moderator.  From a really strong field, we have decided to add three new Moderators to the team, which will enable us to respond more quickly to requests and items needing attention. The broader collective view will be welcomed also in making administration decisions.
      We are pleased to announce that @NorthernMonkey, @Minimad5 and @dozeydustman will be joining the Moderator team, as of today.
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