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Montytoms p6 things getting sorted.


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Well the time has come to get another car and well as usual with me it's a spontaneous purchase. 

Deposit paid and just about to leave Plymouth for Coventry.

My father is driving me up and will keep updated. 

A couple of clues

They are well liked on here

They are alot older than me(34)

It's a proper car(as my dad calls it)

Poo count 3 and a half as the last time was just wind.

Anyway the car that's taking me.


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Godspeed! I hail from your bailiwick, and now live near Coventry. When I was a young man, I used to be able to do the whole 4 hours without needing a piss, let alone a poo. 

Those days are long gone.

I think/hope you're collecting a Rover 45.

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10 hours ago, Tickman said:



10 hours ago, LightBulbFun said:

Ooof! @Crackers you have competition! 

do like me a Rover P series car, so am looking forward to more on it :) 

Thankyou I will be getting some more pictures up as soon as possible. 

10 hours ago, Isopon said:

Blimey, that's magnificent! Looks fabulous in brown. Well bought.

Thankyou, my father had one when I was a nipper in this same colour. 

10 hours ago, ProgRocker said:

Looks fantastic!! B)


9 hours ago, Tadhg Tiogar said:

Almost worth getting sent to Coventry. 

Well bought!


8 hours ago, dave j said:

Nice! V8? I will keep an eye out for it around Plymouth! 

Thankyou it's a 2200sc, I wanted the tape speedo and either the 2000sc or 2200sc but this one showed up

4 hours ago, wuvvum said:

Lovely.  I had a 2200SC auto in that colour, on a P plate.  It was on the P6 Owners' Club website, advertised as free to good home and just up the road from me.  Those were the days...

I bet they had loads of people enquiring about that. Classics and cars in general prices seemed to have gone through the roof 

32 minutes ago, HMC said:



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  • montytom changed the title to Montytoms p6 update

So after taking the photo of the Mexico brown p6 we made it back from Coventry. The amount of people looking at the car was strange. Done 220 miles on less than 3/4 tank of fuel. Not bad for a 1975 2200sc.

A little bit on why I got this specific p6.

When I was a nipper my dad had a 2000sc in Mexico brown. I spent a lot of time in that car getting ferried to hospital appointments (I wasn't a well child)

Also I can remember my mother and her friend and I walking home from the shop and my dad driving past. He didn't stop. I also remember the tape Speedo. His one also had pink filler in the rear door.

I originally wanted something tax exempt and also looked at marinas and the like. I decided on a p6 as they are starting to appreciate in value and if I don't get another one now I never will.


In the last 5 years this p6 has done about 100 miles per year. 

I think doing 220 miles in a few hours must have startled it as when I got home the radiator decided it was no longer for this world.

I went and bought a brand new old stock one. 

Also I seem to have spent a lot of money while working buying bits for this car.

Anyway here are some more pictures and once I have done the radiator today will hopefully go for a little drive. 






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Lovely! I saw this for sale when it was listed a bit earlier along side a Humber super snipe I think. I did ask a question but got no reply. Same price and same vendor I think. IIRC the interior is called “box pleat” and was part of a later revision to address concerns about lack of rear leg room- pragmatic BL solution- make the front seats thinner.

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  • montytom changed the title to Montytoms p6 things getting sorted.

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