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French car anomalies


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1 hour ago, grogee said:

My "need" for a CX is not being sated, and I keep wondering if an XM isn't a better* idea. I guess it might be possible to get one with functioning A/C?

I never really liked my XM V6 as it didn't seem to be a proper quirky Citroen like I was expecting...

Looked nice though...



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I came home from the maternity ward in an orange "phase 1" Renner 14 TL which was less than a year old at the time.  Featuring black vinyl seats for maximum mingebag points, by the time my parents traded it in for an early Fiat Uno it was rusting quite nicely.

More than four decades later I was gifted a 1989 R19, which I haven't got rid of yet. Its rusting quite nicely, and various electrical things don't work.

In between those two events, my dad briefly had a supa-basic AX 10E with static rear belts and no wheeltrims or radio, followed by a brand new face-lift AX GT which was an absolutely great car and kept just about long enough for me to snag a cheeky drive of it round the estate while my parents were not at home.  I think that's it for French car ownership in my immediate family, though before I was born there was apparently a corrugated-dash R5 and a Simca 1100 on the driveway simultaneously. 

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My scenic auto lasted 2 years in my ownership...as did my pickarse dizzel....this is the longest I have ever owned a vehcile!!

but had owned a few frog chod before and must admit None gave me any hassle, including a Ren 14 that froze...and when defrosted was found to be in 100% running condition...even tho my Astra that froze at the ame time  needed another engine fitted...

my current English/German/Italian chod seems to be solidly thrown together (the german bits) and the italian parts are currently working fine....the Badges (english) are looking tatty tho!!

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I've owned a few* French cars, and I have to say my Citroën Xantia is one of the best cars I've ever owned! 

French car manufacturers "went their own way" in design terms after WW2.  André Citroën's Traction Avant (although designed before WW2) was a world first in many ways; front wheel drive that worked and monocoque design to name but two. Yes, Citroën went bankrupt as a result, being rescued by Michelin, but went on to design the DS range of cars, with a unique suspension system and hydraulically controlled almost everything in a body that was, quite literally, God-like! Let's face it, the DS range of cars must be the most beautiful cars ever manufactured! 

Renault were similarly idiosyncratic and stuck with rear engines long after other manufacturers stopped (4CV, and later the Dauphine, and Caravelle) using the identical engine and gearbox design, albeit reversed, in their front wheel drive cars (R4,5 &6, to name but a few) long after other manufacturers had changed to "east-west" engines. 

I just LOVE the French way of life: cars, food, way of life, wine, weather, language and most other things! But I am partly French, so that might explain it! 

*= Renault 4, 6, 10, 25, Citroën 2CV, Xantia, Peugeot 309, 304 & 405

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Everyday vehicles(as opposed to stuff bought to sell on)

1983 Visa Super E

1988 BX 19RD Estate.          

1988 BX 16RS (which I converted to diesel using the bits from the estate)

1988 BX 19 RD hatch.

1992 ZX1.9D Avantage. 

2x 205 GLD 5 doors in Red

1993 BX 1.9D estate 

1990 305 GLD van 

2000 Xantia HDi 110 SX hatch 

2001 Kangoo D55 Van 

2x 306 HDi estates 

2005 C5 ll 1.6 HDi hatch 

2003 Kangoo Kar  1.2

2005 307 1.6 HDi estate 

2013 Mégane 110 estate 

2011 M59 Berlingo 1.6 HDi van 

Favourites, the 305 and the Xantia.



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10 minutes ago, grogee said:



I miss them both. The Pallas was the latest registered s1 in the uk, but was cruelly killed in a head on crash in France. It was an Australian spec car in French diplomatic Neptune grey. The DTR was a one owner car I took from 111,000 miles to 174,000 still on the original clutch.

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