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I consider my self to be fairly lucky, not only has my new house got a good size two car garage but it has a pit except there is always a snag... Some bugger had filled it in....




Its taken a while to get around to sorting this but about a month ago I pulled my finger out and hired an 8 yard skip (stupidly thought that would be big enough) and rolled my sleeves up..





What you have is a layer of sand on tarpaulin on top of rubble. The sand was pretty good builders sand so I dug it all up and bagged it (might come in useful). Then started on the rubble, so much rubble, much wow!



It went on and on until I started to hear the tinkle of stones falling in water... Bollocks! Still I kept digging....



At this point I had pretty much filled the skip, so paused for a week or so. Then skip 2 arrived and I got back on it. Pleased to say last night I found the bottom and no I didnt find any bodies or any other real horrors. I did have to vac out a load of water for this I used a Numatic George,  what a bloody brilliant thing that is. I did try a so called submersible dirty water bilge pump thing by Prokleen (what a waste of amazon vouchers!) that was utter crap.

Anyway one final shot, another skip full, my back is starting to cry enough but i have achieved pit!


Its a good five and a half foot deep so plenty deep enough, should make certain jobs a lot easier.  Cant quite believe I have bothered to create a thread on making a hole in the ground but there you go......



















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The garage that came with my house also had  a filled in pit.

Filled in  due to filling with water die to semi nearby spring, allegedly. The filled in hole tho means I can get 2 cars in side by side and my bone idle lazines made  unfiilling it  a zero chance prospect. (And the garage is only  19 feet long so a fair amount of slithering /rolling on the ground would be required to enter and exit

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Dig a little channel along the side, put some of that threshold drainage stuff in (like people use across garage doors) and a £20 bilge pump in to keep it drained, it'll work a treat.

We had to do that all along the back wall of my mates workshop which was built into a hillside, in winter he would have a stream running across the workshop floor. We piped it all into a water butt.

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