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Second Chance to buy your old shite? A silly game for winter.


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Howdy Shiterz!

After a conversation with Fatha_Outlaw at the weekend discussing ex-fleet members, I decided to have a look at how much it would cost me to replace them at today's prices.

I've done some online "shopping" and it only reinforced that I really should have kept (most) of them, but I'm sure we've all had that thought.....

So I've decided to turn it into a challenge for you all.


You have a theoretical budget of £50,000 to buy a minimum of 3 of your old rides, maximum of 5. Obviously if a large percentage of your old chod were mark One or Two Escort Mexicos, it's going to be difficult.

You can only use fixed price advertising publications to buy; so no using eBay auctions to buy a Jaaaaag E Type at £24.36 (Reserve Not Met). So,  Ebay Classifieds, Auto Trader, Car and Classic that kinda shizz.

Purchase price only... not bothered if it's abroad, so shipping doesn't count, if you see something on Leboncoin or Ebay USSR or summert.

Pictures of your old chod and the prices paid would be nice, although not compulsory, but obviously we need to see what you're buying with my* generous* gift* :-)

So, I'll start:

JLE627V Renault 4TL. Bought as a one owner little old lady car May 1987, my first car. About £800 IIRC.  Purchased Thursday evening, stuck on it's side Sunday morning. Last words from the driver "Do you want to see something really scary?"

No photo description available.To replace it, at this point there's not a lot about. Car and Classic have an 845cc TL, so despite having a 1108cc GTL as my first "second" car, I'll stick with that. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1386039 £4000 of peppermint green lovliness. Sarf Afrika tho. 1975 Renault R4 For Sale (picture 1 of 10)

Next The GS Pallas. Paid £75 for it - surprisingly it ran, looked like shite, as it had been living outside for 3 years with a buggered clutch. Purchased as Fatha_Outlaw had a GSpecial SMM347S when I was 7, and despite it giving me car sickness I always remembered how comfy it was and how the engine used to rev like a bastard. Dragged it home, and with my mate Monkey, a HBOL and rudimentary tools we set about changing the clutch. What a fucking ballache. Had some bits left over, so they got chucked in the hedge. Bro decided to help* with the bubbly door bottoms, so we raided Halfords and bought a shit load of plod and rattle cans. I then arranged a postal MoT. 

No photo description available.The today replacement is a mid-point between fatha's and mine, a T plate GS Club, in the same blue as dad's. £7250. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1386679

1979 Citroen GS 1220 Club For Sale (picture 1 of 11)

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Having done it in real life where I have bought some of my old cars back (sometimes more than once) I will decline as they were never the same, plus some of the ones I really liked I don't fit in anymore. 

Probably my favourite car a Series 1 Lotus 7 bought in 1984 for £1250

Budget blown already


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Next, THAT SPANISH BASTARD.  £1700ish off ebay. Much derided at the time, because having bought what was obviously an uncared-for, thrashed to death example, instead of cutting my losses and calling Sneaky Louie to make it disappear, I continued to spunk money on it. So, I've sort of got unfinished business here. When it was behaving, and one was in the mood to drive like your trousers were on fire, it was outstanding. So I'd like to try one that's not fucked.

No photo description available.This one is £4995, but it looks like it's been mollycoddled. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114998440858?

hash=item1ac670f39a:g:6qIAAOSwLShhRlnsImage 1 - SEAT Leon Cupra 20v 1.8T Turbo 180 BHP *ONE OWNER FROM NEW + LOW MILES + 2 KEYS*

Moose Version 1.0 I bloody loved this car, bought off eBay at a bargainous price, about £1500 IIRC, but had a bit of a trek to go and get her; on the way home I discovered how amazingly inadequate the brakes were, coupled with the unexpected turn of speed, causing a nervous moment when some silly arse pulled out in front of me while I was "clearing the pipes". Only sold it after Stepdaughter_Outlaw ran it without water in it after a jubilee clip expired, and her dad said it'd be fine as it's a cold day.....It wasn't.No photo description available.No V40 T4's about (apart from one on ebay which appears to be fucked) so I'll have this 2.0T for £995. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1372907 2001 Volvo V40 2.0 T Estate For Sale (picture 1 of 12)

Finally The Slag Chariot. Paid over 5k for this, 1999/2000, was the Si with the 130bhp lump. Made a great noise - both engine and general rattle, but never failed to make me grin. Sold when SWMBO's knees deteriorated to the level where she needed an automatic, and couldn't get in and out any more. No photo description available.Couldn't find an Si, so this XR3i version will do. £4495 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265266258768?hash=item3dc319e350:g:GqwAAOSw9tJaahSZ Image 1 - Ford Escort XR3i Convertible / Cabriolet. Just 85000 Miles, Factory Leather Int



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Just now, barrett said:

With £50k I could buy back every single one of my old cars except the 404, and still have change for... well, some more cars

Possibly..... but I've been careful with the one's I chosen, I've omitted all the Ford stuff!

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5 you say ?

Metro Turbo

1275 Metro sport 

Mk2 cavalier 1.6GL 


Suzuki SC100 flying Zit 

Mk3 astra 1.4 LSi saloon 

I'd have to pick one to not have...The CalibrE...

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Most of my previous cars are still too recent to be worth anything.

Only one of my cars ever had any value and has increased in price.

Renault Clio 172


Bought in July 2018 for £1400. At that price it had a lot of work done such as recent belts and rear brakes. Went incredibly well and looked very tidy.

Sadly, it had lived in the North of Scotland for a time and was quite rusty underneath. After replacing the subframe, my hand went through the floor and I sold it cheap last uear. Had I been able to weld then I would have kept it. 

For a similar car with belts done but a few cosmetic issues you're looking at nearly double that today:


So for the remaining balance I could have an Astra Coupe, Corsa B and a Renault Megane MK1, with change left over for a weekend away.

Not a whole car as such, but I bought these 5 Speedline Alessio 2 wheels in July 2011 for £350.


I sold them in April for £1000. I only every replaced the tyres in my ownership.


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11 hours ago, outlaw118 said:

£50,000 to buy a minimum of 3 of your old rides

There are three that leap to mind...


Mk3 Zephyr.  This one is only the four-pot, but that's fine because it's what my dad had when I was 6.  I still remember it fondly.  This one is an ebay classified at £17500.


Mk1 Cortina, another ebay classified at £10500.  This is post the late 64 facelift, which is what I wanted; but I generally prefer four doors, despite our family car (the first car I ever drove) only having two.



Vauxhall Cresta PA, 1961.  The one I had at 18 was a Velox, but they're only trim levels really.  Mine was also automatic, but there aren't many of those about!  Car And Classic, £8000.


We all know I love a CF!  This is post-facelift, which is not what I want; but I'm actually struggling to find any for sale at all, so I've just used an old photo I had on the computer.  Anyway... at the prices I've posted for the cars above, there should certainly be enough to get me one of these as well.

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