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Shitefest 22 North Wales - 15-17th July!!


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On 11/6/2021 at 8:31 PM, brownnova said:

Mutual looking at things and shrugging shoulders group may be more accurate 😂

Swing the convoy past Stourbridge Breaker Breaker 2 4, and I can provide ample towing opportunities in a LandCruiser with no working air con.

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I think that's my weekend to have the kids but I've got time to change it, so it sounds good to me 👍 Would probably leave home Friday afternoon pre rush hour (I have to go round the m25 I think *shudder* and head home Sunday morning


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15 hours ago, trigger said:

Is there still interest in this as if i really do need to organise something then i need to get booking, I'm thinking Friday 29th -1st May weekend

Sorry for clarity is that 29 Apr - 1st May? I'm in.

Also can anyone remember what year this was? 2014 or 2015 when we went to the engine museum.


Guess who time... left  > right me, ? ? ? DW ? Catsinthewelder ? ? Richard ? ? ? Will, cms206, Mcoli, ? ? Trig ?

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29 minutes ago, hairnet said:

head for cambridge then across fuck m25 at anytime

Can do that easily, to get to peterboghorror I go under the new a14, assume get on somewhere there and head east then? 

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You, @Heidel_Kakao, @Mr Fluffyballs / @Bucketeer@Conrad D. Conelrad, @dollywobbler. @AnthonyG, me, @philibusmo (I think), @garycox, Richard, @phil_lihp?, @Six-cylinder, @KruJoe

with @cms206 in front then KruJoes brother Will in front of him then Cameron in the front corner (sorry, I've forgotten their usernames.

 @trigger is looking shocked and mostly obscuring @RobT.  I think it's @HMC to the left of Rob with @hairnet hiding behind.



Definitely count me in for this year.

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