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1989 Renault Express 1.6 diesel thread - DAILY EXPRESS - cleaned and serviced, hub caps thrown away, PRINCESS DIANA.

Lacquer Peel

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34 minutes ago, juular said:

Presumably to stop people driving around a foreign heap to avoid MOT, tax, insurance etc.

Although, I don't understand why it has been made illegal even if you DO have the relevant tax etc.  

Are foreign plated cars registered in the UK traceable on the DVLA? I'm wondering if this law is to do with VOSA or any of those people.

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42 minutes ago, DoctorRetro said:

I know, I'm saying I don't see why it is. 


Why Aren’t UK Residents Allowed to Drive Foreign Registered Cars?

It seems strange that non-residents are allowed to enter the UK with foreign registered cars, but the residents of the UK cannot have such freedom, but there are good reasons that the government insists upon this.

The UK government estimated that between 2010 and 2013 an estimated 350,000 cars had been driven in the UK illegally, which costs £60m in unpaid road taxes.

But the financial hits don’t stop there. An estimated £2.3m in speeding fines were avoided by improperly registered drivers over a two-year period, as well as millions of pounds of parking tickets. (source)

There is also an association between criminal activity and foreign-registered vehicles. Drivers of foreign-registered vehicles are difficult to track down, and they know it. They are more likely to flee the scene of an accident, and a foreign registered car will allow someone to get away with a crime more easily. (source)

Of course, most people driving foreign registered cars are a tourist and not criminal masterminds, but using foreign-registered cars is a method used by some criminals to avoid detection.

If a car is going to be in the UK permanently, the UK government wants to be able to track down who is driving it. It is not just about the money, but about the safety of the roads.


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