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Peugeot 309 rescue thread. Moving on.


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It’s a very simple explanation to a very complex issue. Not 100 percent factually accurate.

Smaller, low amperage migs seem to run better on 0.8 I find, due to feed issues with smaller wire, less chance of snagging in the torch etc. 

Smaller wire can’t carry so much amps, amps do the melting. The smaller your welder, the less amps you got. It’s maybe fractional, but the be all is I’m not writing an in depth scientific post, merely sharing what I’ve picked up and tried personally.


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I'd speculate that 0.6 wire has a narrower sweet spot, smaller/cheaper welders tend to have coarser controls and are harder(perhaps impossible in the case of the dreaded SIP cheapys) to set consistently within that sweet spot; it's certainly floppier and more prone to birdsnesting in the wire drive and in the torch and wire liner. It's the same conductivity as 0.8 as they're both made of the same stuff, as it's thinner it can carry less current before impersonating a sexually excited glow worm.

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  • DoctorRetro changed the title to Peugeot 309 rescue thread. Why is the mojo gone?

the work that you have put into this 309 is nothing short of Awesome! :) especially how you managed to pickup welding just like that!

and your saving a an Autoshite car in the process! tis truly a Job well done! :) 

(but at the same time do take a break if you feel like! I think the last thing any of us wants is you burning out over it!)

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As others have already said:

Brilliant the way you've been able to just knock out the repair panels, I've seen folk in nice warm garages, and fancy tooling do much worse. So do give yourself a bit of appreciation.

We all get 'cba days' , so don't kick yourself for needing a bit of relaxation and me time.

I watch this thread with a lot of interest, as your work is good, and I have a soft spot for 309s.

Keep it up 😎👍

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7 hours ago, DoctorRetro said:


I only get one weekend in 4 I can work on this, and today I have no motivation whatsoever. Hurt and ache all over, it's freezing outside and everything is wet. 

Started to contemplate why I'm bothering, and I really don't know

It's that time of year when everything outside is an effort, you are not alone with that.

You are doing fantastically well with picking up welding skills. This is a hobby  so having a winter slow down is just fine.

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2 minutes ago, dollywobbler said:

As someone who has been suffering CBA days for about a year now, well done! Impressed with the 'hybrid' electric drive ramp climbing.

I tried pushing it on with the AX, but all I got was clutch smell, so I decided that was a bad idea. 

I hooked the jump leads up, as the battery on the 309 is knackered, and then turned it over, letting the clutch out to give it a kick and get up the ramps (only rolled back into the front of the AX once 😅) . It was slightly nerve racking as I was alone, so had to just feel my way onto the ramps! 

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This is certainly not a good time of year for car repairs. It's hard to get started,everything seems to take longer and the daylight soon runs out. I find it helps to make a list of all the jobs you've done already, even the little bits. Itemise everything, the way a garage would if they were trying to justify a large bill. Anyway, well done for keeping on keeping on. 

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Managed to get it onto the ramps using the starter motor, that was fun!
Built another replacement panel.
No more pics, sorry, but now finished welding the passenger side!
Going to fill, sand and paint tomorrow. 

Fair play to you that’s a good bit of tin bashing.
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It's easy to lose the mojo. Really too easy in fact. 

But major props for doing A thing 👍

I too get the same feelings sometimes. 

The Corsa I'm doing was a huge task. But breaking it down to smaller individual jobs at a time helped a lot. Now have most of the major rot done now. It snowballs when you get in a groove. 

Remember what you have done already. The fact you've taken this on and it's so far going well for you. 

Well done 👍

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Some good work there. 


I remember a friend having a 5 door 309 and we spent an afternoon doing  MOT jobs and a bit of a valet, with one side jacked up, the bonnet up and the boot and doors open.

3 hours later, the back door on the jacked side wouldn't shut properly and the tailgate wasn't sitting straight.

It all straightened itself out after a day or two but it was a bit worrying.

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  • DoctorRetro changed the title to Peugeot 309 rescue thread. Moving on.

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