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The hydrogen Chevette


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At a car show today I got talking to the owner of this Vauxhall HS Chevette who happened to be a retired engineer and has done a hydrogen conversion on this car, it still runs on petrol but his conversion which included a glass container of electrified water does the rest as demonstrated when he turned on the ignition! He did seem rather like the Doc from ‘Back to the future’ I love eccentricity!



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Apart from the glaring miscalculation in that the energy drawn by the alternator in producing the Hydrogen is far greater than the energy created from burning it.

it was a conversion that was sold a few years back and was fairly well publicised as a leap forward in reducing emissions - it showed great promise until someone did the figures.

Grossly inefficient it may be, I still like the idea though.

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9 hours ago, tooSavvy said:

Std Issue, in the rough!

Catch a few Irish Tarmac vids.....

*agree = learry

Dont need the videos. Watched them on tarmac rallies in Ireland and I.OM. while driving my own HS down the lanes to leapfrog to the next good spectator stage.

Mudflaps were indeed in use on rough surfaces, but never seen red ones before.

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