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Pain, Safrane and misery : Special treatment


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On 10/7/2021 at 10:26 PM, Andyrew said:

Bonnet release bolted back up and trim panel back on. 


Has a wee speaker 


Which means 


That's the icing on the cake. Amazing. 

However, whilst the BBC voice direct from 1955 is a winner, I can't help but feel slight disappointment at the fact it wasn't instead spoken with a thick French accent ala Gordon Kaye from Allo Allo. 

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Excellent progress, its almost at the state I've sold it in again😂 My dad is still in search of a box that can hold the calipers without one suddenly disappearing  during shipping. Hopefully that'll be another puzzle piece to the return of this fine machine.

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5 hours ago, Schaefft said:

That's very unusual, does it only shift between the two?

Yeah first then into 3/D even if left in 1.

4 hours ago, SiC said:

First gear, hits a gearbox fault and then sticks into third as limp mode?

Yeah, seems so. We Will drop the pan, fresh fluid and try flushing the filter through with brake cleaner. Then try it again. If that cures or improves things a few full throttle / kick down runs on the drive way (need fully working brakes before any of this, because huge metal gate at end of farm driveway!) will happen then drop it again and maybe pop off and clear out the valve body. My good friend rebuilds autos for landys so hes unphased by pulling that appart.

Service  interval for filter and fluid is 36k which id highly doubt has ever been done.  So fingers crossed it comes back to life. There is no slipping or holding of gears. 

Will try the company @Steve79 linked regarding a filter to see about avalibility and price which id guess is none or really high.

If its toast, its toast. Seems the stuck in third gear killed most of these off. 


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The thing is, it did struggle occasionally with this before, however I was able to use all 4 gears without issues when I owned it, no slipping, no hard shifts. I highly doubt there would be a mechanical issue, the gearbox just detects "something" is wrong, which probably is a pressure fault, and just plays safe. And no, I doubt the fluid was changed for a very long time.

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We are hoping for a clogged filter not allowing a good enough flow of fluid maybe a combined low fluid level as theres some damp patches on the box. 

We will see, im happy to wait at the moment as we need do an order with mannol at work as the ATF from them is mega cheap! 


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The gearbox shifts smoothly and no flaring.  It's a limp trip sensor, I'm sure.  I had a day or two when it never tripped at all.

I was going to get it changed but both local garages I trust weren't interested in giving it a go.  Because Renault.

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  • 2 weeks later...

@Floatylight progress has slowed for the moment, which isnt a bad thing when its a car that seems to love tedious leaks! The legend that is @Schaefft is arranging getting the calipers over from germany to get the brakes sorted, they will arrive sometime in the future so for now the saf has be shoved futher into the workshop as it was in the way at the front. I want to  complete some cheap / no cost simple jobs and complete the brakes before tackling the welding and the auto box, plus two front wheel bearings.


Tonight i wanted to pop the aux belts off and see if i could replace the bearings in the noisey tensioners. 

With the car in the air, i was greeted with this. Having hoped this was sorted after another repair the other day the car got told to fuck off. 


id previously replaced an O ring and put some PTFE on this little plug which was leaking under pressure. 20211023_235948.thumb.jpg.76b22436a2946e9ac9c27881cf4fc76d.jpg

Its now not leaking from what i can see but the mounts below looked like so


The bracketry above does have some "pockets" to it which id previously seen full of PSF so im hoping it the remains of that but for now im going to ignore it.





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I can feel the tension. The saf has a noisey tensioner or two. A bit squeaky, a squirt of oil has shut one up temporarily, with them either being hard to find or expensive. I thought id see if a bearing or two could be swapped out.



With the tensioners off , the bearing on the plastic one is molded in place and the metal one is mounted on a shaft that is pressed home into the bracket 



The pulley itself was a bit worn and had some gummed up crud on it. 


The tensioners didnt seem too bad, dry and a bit noisey.  Given the car that they are from and as mentioned replacements are costly (in comparison with the vehicle value) they will do for now.

i could make other cheaper tensioners work but for now, they are low on the to do list and have some life left in them.  So i de gummed the metal one with the emory paper, i then popped the side covers on the bearings out. Flushed them with brake cleaer then forced in some sticky land rover bearing grease. 

It was then lobbed back together.  Will fire it up tomorrow and see how it sounds. 


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On 10/3/2021 at 8:01 PM, Saabnut said:

@Andyrewbefore you buy a calliper for the sake of a bleed nipple, you need one of these

Nipple Therapy Kit (fraserbrowneng.co.uk)

I borrowed one for the Holden and it saved my skin as new callipers are NLA for that.

Thanks for this tip. It was a few weeks too late to stop me buying a new rear caliper for my Saab convertible, but now I know for Next Time it happens which it inevitably will. 

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The frenchy has a known lazy lifter. I thought id give some snake oil a try. Its been sold for years and id heard good feedback on it on older crocks at work so lets give it a go. It did indeed shut the tapping up! Given it states that it treats up to 6 litres of oil and the big baguette takes 7 litres i happy with the result.


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  • Andyrew changed the title to Pain, Safrane and misery : Special treatment
On 09/10/2021 at 16:04, Dick Longbridge said:

That's the icing on the cake. Amazing. 

However, whilst the BBC voice direct from 1955 is a winner, I can't help but feel slight disappointment at the fact it wasn't instead spoken with a crap French accent ala Arthur Bostrom from Allo Allo. 


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