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Ethanol Free Petrol

Isaac Hunt

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1 minute ago, wuvvum said:

Also, if you extract the ethanol from E10 petrol are you not left with 10% less fuel than you started out with?  In which case you might as well just buy E5 super unleaded (which is <5% dearer than 95 octane) and have done with it.

Or buy SUL from Esso which despite the pumps indicating E5 (max 5%) actually has E0 :D

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4 hours ago, pilninggas said:

Can imagine the insurance forms to Footman James when the garage with the classic burns down due to 'anti-E10 diy distillation games'.

Fag in one hand, mobile phone 'on call' in the other whilst venting to Atmosphere.

i thought it was a windup when I heard 'through a chicken drinker' as I'd never heard of such a device.

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