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44 minutes ago, Tadhg Tiogar said:

Pity there doesn't seem to be a market for a "classic cabs" service.

Imagine: "Thank you for choosing ShiteCabs, the yesteryear door-to-door service...."

Add a bit of excitement to your holiday with Shite Airport Runs! The new roulette of whether the Orion diesel taking you to the airport will throw a rod at 3am just outside Saddleworth leaving you with an apologetic driver with no phone battery.

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This reminds me of the early Minder episode where Arthur starts a minicab firm using Terry and cast-offs from Des the mechanics’ garage.

Terry ends up with a very shonky grey A60, he is refused a yellow Mk3 Cortina on the grounds that it is ‘sellable stock’. 

There’s a gangsters/protection racket storyline going on as well, one minicabber doesn’t pay out and gets his Mk4 Zephyr burnt out with a petrol bomb as a result. 

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