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Vauxhall VX 4/90 (FD)

Low Horatio gearbox

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Some amature attempts at the carbs. Not perfect by any means but.. it's far smoother and now idles at 8-900 instead of 2 -2.5k and the fumes dont choke you out in 15 seconds. I'll do more reading and rewatch that video for round 2 tommorrow. 

I've no idea  which engine is fitted @Bradders59  the log book says 2 litre and a few mot's say 2.3

Apologies for shakey/overexposed camera work

Edit: must have had my hand over my tablet Mike..  all you can hear is the grumble of  the waterpump :D

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2 hours ago, Bradders59 said:

Assuming its the 2.3, it isnt too difficult to  unleash 175 or so horses, although the parts would probably be expensive these days.

Blydenstein did a turbo kit back in the day that took them to well over 200.

Usually installed in Chevettes for competition, but same engine. 

Guy at the local garage, rally Boyz n lights, got the Blydenstein cam kit.... Unfortunately [pre Webbie, be fair..] he overlooked the requirement for a thin spacer - under the cam carrier - allowing for learry lyft!!

Set up, spun engine... no go [no comp lol]

Moar spendiez had it brattinng n fartting about the place 😉

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Its marked  "MH" (probbaly. It's been 15 minutes and my short tem memory is pants) so a std 2 litre.

The rearmost carb had its jet idle screw pretty much all the way in and it was binding the piston, which explains a lot.  Both carbs are vaguely reset now  and it's running better with a nice smooth  steady idle and only minor parps and pops.

The vaccum bleed kit landed so I've gone over it with that, pulled a reasonable amount of fluid and some air.  Braking is now "alright" but spongy, it will stop you (well from 10 mph) and it feels better  and almost like a brake. More bleeding  possibly tommorrow I hope,

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27 minutes ago, Rocket88 said:

All FD/FE Vauxhall’s are bloody thirsty….. if you get more than 25 mpg, it’s probably because you’re pushing it….😀

I see teens to mid 20s (tho not often) with the rest of the fleet, so it won be that much of a  shock. I use careful ignorance, cheap classic insurance and free road tax yadda to make it balance... or that's the comforting lie I keep repeating  to myself :D

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53 minutes ago, Low Horatio gearbox said:

I see teens to mid 20s (tho not often) with the rest of the fleet, so it won be that much of a  shock. I use careful ignorance, cheap classic insurance and free road tax yadda to make it balance... or that's the comforting lie I keep repeating  to myself :D

Man maths…. The staple underpinning of Autoshite……😂😂👍🏻

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10 hours ago, bunglebus said:

My friend has a Ventura, I think he would be very jealous of the NOS wings! He's well connected in the owners club etc if you need any parts/help


Also another friend has a couple of slant 4s going spare if you need anything 

Oof that's a sexy thing,  something about quad headlights and an egg crate grille.


The only thing I need (well thet I know of.. currently) I think  is an interior light.  It had one dangling but it was the right shape tho too big to fit.  Much appreciated

The plan is to get the worst of the rust dealt with and painted but leave most if the patina and cosmetic stuff alone. If I can get away with keeping the original doors and wings I will.  The NSF has a functional but ugly  repair at the rear edge by the door and a small hole where it joins the valance, the rear passenger door is a bit rough. The lower nearside suffered more from whatever it was in storage. I hope to not need any kf the spares and somone else can have them 


More brake bleeding today, a fair amount if air removed from the  rears and pedal feel is marginally better again and braking is now  happening without the pedal bottoming out and stopping predictably rather than eventually. 

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Sunday day of  rest and... sigh family time.

I had no intention honest* of doing much today bar putting a gallon of petrol in the VX as the gauge barely reads empty. Which I duly did then cooked a Sunday roast and did family socialising.  Well the gauge is a fucking liar as there was about half a tank in there already as it started leaking out if the filler neck to tank join, on close inspection.. old spiral wound airpipe and the sender unit, on close inspection some kind of blue gasket paste.

Better off finding it now rather than on the road or filling up.  Admittedly it was a pair of small weeps (the car not me!) I've drained a gallon or so out and managed to carefully spill about half that as well. Will hit the local independent motor factor after the school run  tommorrow morning form some fuel pipe and gasket sheet.



On the plus side the brakes seem to be sorted, the main reason I went into the garage to.. err check. Certainly  no more air is coming out after the mass bleed/bubbleathon yesterday.


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Currently waiting on some fuel pipe and gasket material and fuel proof gasket sealant as the local independent motor factors had nothing  suitable  in.   

Some mild complications in that the screws used to hold the fuel pickup and fuel gauge sender had been cut roughly with pliers or something similar and this has chewed up 2 of the 6 threaded holes. It's a thin  steel skin with an aluminium plate on the back to I presume stop it deforming.  For now I will put some fresh screws in from the inside and gasket paste the heads and use them as  studs with a new gasket and nuts on the outside  - unless anyone has a better idea or fix? 

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17 hours ago, tooSavvy said:

Good plan.... But, me been perverse/time-served... I would make the alloy ring as thick as to take a tapped thread = screw through and therefore 'unwobbly' for the outer/screw down tightening ...


The alloy ring is set/glued in from the inside before the 2 halves of the tank are welded together.  (Spare tankn pictured.. looks ok but internally but it's got a dent and the leading edge joining seam is rusty and deformed) 



Removing or replacing it would be involved work and the steelmof the tank is pretty thin. In an ideal world I'd love too but it's a bit impractical/beyond me. I suppose a circular ring cut in half and epoxied onto  the existing ring would work or even nuts epoxied/jb welded into place.


I've removed the sender and it would appear despite the gasket being ancient  it was (some of) the upper screw holes themselves allowing it to leak as nothing was dripping or leaking till I undid the lowest one.

On that note.. the screws..  all the same just nipped off rough . The rough end may have damaged it but I'm not sure they are the correct size/thread.



Fuel pickup and gauge sender out and.. oh and a free prize... no idea what that is doing in there


It appears to be greaseproof packing paper.



Currently on a coffee break.. airing the fumes out of the garage and awaiting a delivery of fuel tubing and gasket compound .

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