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It's O..mega, and it's now gone


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25 minutes ago, Andyrew said:

I feel these have finally hit classic status.  

They are the odd mix of being undesirable yet cool.

Love it.

This is one is especially rare. Screenshot_20210901-193247_Chrome.thumb.jpg.103bb5a43cc6a5ed08b11efa89626713.jpgScreenshot_20210901-193059_Chrome.thumb.jpg.b82da488d9afa690a499b493533b6414.jpg


How many V6s have 3 pedals ? 

and how many of those are not police spec ? 

I told omegod what I thought it's value, given the right sales environment. 

That is at a Vauxhall show in the summer.  Get it into the concourse ring first. 

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28 minutes ago, New POD said:

I believe I provided some of the exhaust. So assuming he fitted it, it has 2 middle boxes off a 3.2 

Sadly not me old mucker, it worked out that a full system wasn't much more than a backbox so she got the full new one, very grateful for the pipes though and they are here if you need em back 

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