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Favourite TV adverts


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11 hours ago, Dick Longbridge said:

The 206 advert above would have been my first choice. In close second is the early 405 advert though. 


Everyone else knows that song because of Top Gun, I know and love it because of that ad.  Brilliant.

As for Honda Cog, that's not just an ad but a brilliant piece of film-making - I believe even the company bosses thought it was CGI at first and went ballistic when they found out it was real.

Not a car ad but an ad for More Than insurance - the one where a family in some sort of people carrier chase after their dog and end up driving into the middle of a banger race.  It was filmed at Swaffham Raceway and I know the guy who was behind the filming of it, but I've never been able to find it online anywhere.

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Not really a car advert but close enough. I love the idea that the brakes on your Biturbo fails and the first thing you think of is that your missus is trying to kill you. If you are that paranoid then perhaps you might want something a little more reliable than a mid-80s Maser. 



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